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Companies are caught up in a technological acceleration with online and digital as the new standard. To keep up, companies have to adapt to digital developments and integrate them into their business strategy. WSO2 supports companies in attaining the maneuverability and innovation that they need in order to become a successful digital organization. WSO2's products are 100% open source, modular, and easy to integrate with other components. They work together seamlessly as one coherent enterprise platform. With WSO2 middleware technology, companies can build and manage APIs, applications, and web services in a safe manner and make them available to employees, customers, and partners on-premise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices. 

Why WSO2?

  • WSO2 has the widest product portfolio in the world of open-source middleware and integration technology and offers solutions for current innovation issues surrounding:
    • API Management
    • Integration
    • Identity & Access Management
    • Smart Analytics
    • IOT and Mobile
  • The solutions are based on a homogenous architecture and can be used on-premise, in the cloud, and on mobile devices, meaning migration to another model is always possible.
  • This is the only truly open-source supplier of integration technology, thus accessible and without maintenance obligations, commercial licenses, or subscriptions.
  • On top of that, WSO2 delivers services for development and product support, training, and consultancy. These services are very competitive with other providers in the sector.
  • There is a widely supported WSO2 community and a world-wide partner network.
  • Both larger and smaller companies from a wide variety of sectors make use of WSO2 software, including eBay, Uber, the United Nations, Boeing, Transport for London, West and T-systems. Closer to home you have, among other companies, Proximus, CIRB, FOD Mobiliteit and Brussels Airport Company.
  • WSO2 is regarded by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester as an innovative and visionary provider of integration services.

Why WSO2 with Realdolmen?

Realdolmen has years of extensive experience with integration and middleware solutions.  Connected Company WSO2 specialists don't just help with the creation and validation of a solid roadmap for a digital future, but also contribute to the implementation and the operational management of your integration solutions and platforms. They consolidate architectural, methodological, and technological expertise in API Management, Integration, Identity & Access Management, Smart Analytics and ITO, and combine this with fresh, up-to-date insight in these areas.

WSO2 PrefPartner1.jpg

Realdolmen is a Preferred WSO2 Partner and has dedicated WSO2-integration staff with proven skills in delivering WSO2 solutions. Realdolmen chooses WSO2 technology primarily because it offers an excellent balance between price, functionality, innovation, and quality.

Discover Our Services

Architectural Consultancy

For each strategic integration initiative, the right product and design choices must be made. We can help you choose the appropriate products and equipment for both a long term strategy and short-term solutions. If you wish, we can design platforms and solutions for the full extent of your organization. We believe in a team approach, where the best results are achieved thanks to the collective strengths of the team. We can call on more than 30 integration architects and consultants, alongside (of course) a host of related expertise in application development, dev ops, infrastructure, and security. Thanks to our strong relationship with the team behind the WSO2 products, we can connect you with the product gurus for your key projects. We ensure that innovation is kept in balance with stability.

Project Delivery

We can take projects for the set-up and further evolution of your integration solutions and platforms completely off your hands. You determine the needs and resources and we take control. We provide professional support for the development process, continuously monitor quality, and ensure timely delivery. We do this on the basis of a pragmatic and agile approach.

Operational Administration

Safeguarding all IT know-how and tasks may not be a priority for you. We're eager to help with that.


Do you want to be responsible for the development and management of your integration platform? No problem. We can train your team in, among other things, WSO2 Integrator, Identity Server and API Management.

Strategic Partnerships

Are your ambitions larger than your organization can support? Just let us know. We are happy to sit down with you and design and work on new initiatives for the network economy together.



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