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Every organization is home to different groups of employees and departments, all of which require highly specific access rights in order to do their jobs. Furthermore, these identities can change over time, such as when individuals change jobs or leave the company. How can you ensure that people only have the access rights they really need at all times? How do you work out WHO has access to WHAT? How do you implement a general matrix of rights in real life and how do you enforce it? These are the typical questions to which an IAM solution such as Okta has the answer.

Okta is the market leader in Identity as a Service (IDaaS), and is introducing a new approach to cloud services. The advantage is that the solution continues to evolve. This is currently one of the most important requirements in identity management. After all, 99% of businesses in Belgium are no longer able or willing to independently implement or maintain all the new apps, cloud services, protocols, integration processes, etc. that are appearing all the time. If you are looking for an IAM solution that can deal with a rapidly evolving IT environment, you need one that evolves in step with everything else in a flexible manner.

Why Okta?

  • Okta is free of charge up to three applications and 100 users. After that, a fixed monthly amount is charged per user.
  • Okta has a catalog with 5,000 connectors to the applications it maintains. Popular examples include Office365 and Salesforce.
  • Okta has an AD agent that enables users to log on to each application linked to Okta using their AD credentials.
  • The Okta widget makes authentication simple for web applications that were developed in-house. The widget is easy to configure and allows the login page to incorporate the organization's own look and feel.
  • Okta supports multi-factor authentication, which can be set up at application or user level. Some examples include SMS, security questions and mobile authenticators (Google, Okta Verify, etc.).
  • Okta operates in the cloud and is available anytime, anywhere. No additional organizational infrastructure is required. Okta is a recognized leader in the Gartner quadrant for identity management in the cloud.

Why Okta with Realdolmen?

Realdolmen has worked together with Okta since 2016. Okta is an obvious choice for us as a partner, as it provides a full suite of products that all handles major issues that our customers wrestle with.

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Realdolmen employs certified Okta professionals, administrators and consultants with the knowledge and expertise to steer every Okta project in the right direction.

Discover Our Services

Business analysis

We map out your current processes to give you a clear view of the maturity of your current identity environment. We look at everything as a whole rather than focusing solely on IT processes. We step into your shoes to help you find the right architecture and solution to meet your requirements.

Project delivery

Based on the available Okta products, we propose a structured project that provides a solution to your specific problem areas.

Operational Administration

Realdolmen is currently constructing an IAM-AAS narrative with Realdolmen as the central point of contact for the complete management of existing solutions. We envision a single central knowledge center where our customers benefit from quality local support.

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