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In every organization, there are different groups of employees and departments who each need very specific authorizations in order to be able to carry on with their jobs. These identities can change over time, for example due to a change of job or perhaps leaving the company. How can you ensure that, at all times, people only have the access rights that they really need? How do you figure out WHO has access to WHAT? How do you implement a general matrix of rights in real life and how do you enforce it? These are the typical questions to which an Identity Governance & Administration solution like Evidian can provide answers.

As well as Identity Management, Evidian also has a broad portfolio of products in the field of Access Management. They are one of the European leaders in the area of Enterprise Single Sign-On and handle issues such as log-in using a badge or biometric details instead of the traditional password. Evidian also offers Web Access Management solutions to secure and connect web applications.

Why Evidian?

  • Evidian offers a complete suite of products that are seamlessly integrated with each other and with the rest of the IT landscape. This provides solutions for current issues relating to:
    • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)
    • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Strong authentication
    • Web Access Management (WAM)
    • Business Continuity (through their proprietary software solution)
  • Evidian is the European market leader in IAM, with a presence in Europe, Japan and the US as well. More than 4,000,000 users in over 800 organizations around the globe have their credentials managed by Evidian solutions when they connect to their organization and its applications every day.
  • Evidian offers customers a full, integrated and modular solution for the management of digital identities and access control, that matches their security policy and complies with new legal requirements.
  • Evidian's approach offers organizations from all sectors an implementation that can adapt to any demands. The products thus meet these demands, ranging from validation of user identities, through lifecycle management of their digital identity, to their access from each terminal.
  • Evidian develops all these products itself, which means there is a high level of integration between the components. The Evidian IGA Suite is therefore not a set of disparate products from various sources that have been brought together through acquisition. Among the broad range of solutions on the IAM market, Evidian is one of just a handful of players who can offer fully integrated solutions.
  • Thanks to the Evidian consultants in Brussels and Paris there are also local experts available in the field.

Why Evidian with Realdolmen?

Realdolmen and Evidian have been working together since 2008 with the full Identity & Access Management Suite (IAM) from Evidian. We have already delivered over 10 projects (with SSO components as well as IAM and WAM) in a number of different sectors. Our choice of Evidian as a partner is obvious, given that they provide a full suite of products that all handle the major issues our customers are wrestling with. They differentiate themselves from other major players on the market by delivering products that do what is needed – without involving a major digital footprint or complex installation.

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Thanks to our combined track record we have acquired plenty of expertise and also have developed a number of custom connectors. Thus efficiency and optimization are applied to the entire process.

Discover Our Services

Business Analysis

We map out your current processes, providing you with a clear view of your current Identity landscape's maturity. We look at the full picture and do not focus solely on IT processes. We step into your shoes to help you find an architecture and solution to fit your needs.

Project Delivery

Based on Evidian products we can propose a structured project that provides a solution for your specific problem areas.

Operational Administration

We are currently constructing an IAM/AAS narrative with Realdolmen as the central point of contact for all management of existing solutions. We envision a single central knowledge center where our customers can enjoy quality local support.



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