User Adoption
From User Frustration to User Delight

User Adoption

From User Frustration to User Delight

The success of a project depends on more than just delivering on time and having an attractive product that works properly. Optimal and effective use of the new solution is the key to success. If the employees do not use the new solution or do not use it effectively, or they do not adopt it, then the investment has been wasted. That is why it is important to prepare employees carefully for the planned change. After all, they are what ultimately determines the success of the project. In order to call a migration successful, care for and guidance of the user cannot be ignored. That is User Adoption.

User Adoption includes processes that lead to people efficiently and effectively using a new solution and leaving behind their old way of working. It is aimed at changing behavior or habits within a professional context. Through User Adoption, users are made aware of the need for change. They learn how to use the new hardware or software correctly, are capable of practical implementation within their actual work environment and understand that the old ways of working can no longer contribute to the desired changes. From the combination of awareness and learned skills there emerges a new attitude to performing the job, after which it is only a short step to a change in behavior.

Our approach

User Adoption does not just happen. It is a process costing time and effort, and consists of a number of steps and iterations. To steer this process in the right direction, Realdolmen has produced a User Adoption Framework based on Michael Sampson's User Adoption Strategies.
The complete framework consists of four different steps:


Every step consists of a number of options that can be combined depending on the project type, the target audience, the scope, and the company culture.
In short:
  • Winning attention: How do we make sure that the end user is aware of the planned modification? How can we demonstrate its relevance to their work situation?
  • Cultivating basic concepts: How do we ensure that the end user knows the basic functions of the new solution? How do end users learn how to use the new solution?
  • Enlivening applicability: How does the new work method fit the specific circumstances of an individual or team? How will end users work within the framework of the new solution?
  • Making it real: In this last phase, we ensure that the old working method is truly left behind. All data has been migrated, the ways in which the team and the individual will work are defined, and so on.
Realdolmen has the knowledge and means to assist you in every step of User Adoption and to draw up a User Adoption plan with you. You can also entrust the execution of the User Adoption plan in full or in part to one of Realdolmen's experienced User Adoption experts. Download our flyer for more information.
Michèle Croes

Good support is a must. We are aware that this is a major change. There is much more involved than simply rolling out a new application. The ultimate aim is to change the way we work, and that naturally takes time.

Michèle Croes | Senior Management Assistant at Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV
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