Change Management for a successful User Adoption
Implementing Change Smoothly

Change Management for a successful User Adoption

Implementing Change Smoothly

Often, organizations do not achieve a satisfactory return on investment for new projects and significant changes. Not because the final solution isn't good enough, but because the change isn't supported by the employees for whom it was originally intended. Change Management can help turn this around.

To implement significant changes within your organization as smoothly as possible, it is important to consider not just the operational or technical aspects of a project, but also the change process itself. By giving people room to change, you substantially increase the chances of a change being successful. After all, the success of a change depends largely on the extent to which everyone is on board. Whether it concerns the implementation of new business operations, changes to job content, a reorganization or merger, the implementation of a new ICT application or new hardware, Change Management is an essential component in ensuring a change is successful.

Our approach

Realdolmen can assist you with all aspects of Change Management. Our approach is based on the ADKAR® model from Prosci®. This approach focuses on the five phases within a change process:

  • Awareness: understanding why a certain change is necessary.
  • Desire: the will to support and participate in the change.
  • Knowledge: obtaining the knowledge needed on how to change.
  • Ability: being able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice.
  • Reinforcement: anchoring the change and adopting new habits.

During an initial intake assignment, we map the change, analyze your organization's willingness and ability to change, and determine a change strategy in order to ultimately arrive at a high-level Change Management Plan. During the later phases the plan is developed further, spelled out in detail and adapted, and specific actions are prepared, implemented and assessed.


If you require support or coaching for your own Change Managers to further improve their performance, Realdolmen is always there for you. If no-one within your organization is able to perform this role, we are happy to provide you with a Change Manager. They will then guide the change together with designated Change Agents from within your organization.

Michèle Croes

Good support is a must. We are aware that this is a major change. There is much more involved than simply rolling out a new application. The ultimate aim is to change the way we work, and that naturally takes time.

Michèle Croes | Senior Management Assistant at Waterwegen en Zeekanaal NV