Security & Digital Identity

Security & Digital Identity

Security is an important topic in our digital world. We use digital applications that contain sensitive or valuable data in nearly all areas of our (professional) lives. In the event of a data breach or compromised data, the consequences are often significant. For companies, reputational damage and loss of sales can continue for years. That means we must set up all applications and infrastructure to allow for adequate management of security risks of varying probability and impact.


Moving from perimeter to Zero Trust

For today's complex digital solutions, traditional perimeter security is no longer a sufficient guarantee. It's time for a new paradigm: Zero Trust. This involves managing all access points with a "least privilege" approach. It also concentrates more extensively on responding to and following up on security events, not just on prevention. Basically, this method focuses on limiting impacts and more conscious management of security incidents.

Finding easy, secure solutions

A strong digital identity is of primary importance. However, there are other considerations beyond the thoroughness of security measures. Today's digital consumers and employees expect an easy, seamless online experience. User friendliness is key, at every level of data security and in every use context. Go for well-designed solutions that ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Standing guard together

Inetum-Realdolmen's experts are ready and willing to help you define a well-thought-out vision and put it into practice. We weigh each and every security measure against the potential risks. This means you're assured of made-to-measure security that neither understates nor exaggerates. Combining various services allows us to arrive at a comprehensive solution that covers all the bases. It's also important to practice continuous improvement. This requires a long-term partnership. After all, even if a solution suffices today, it won't do so forever.

"Security is like love, you have to keep working on it." - Stefan Smeets, Security expert @Inetum-Realdolmen

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Mapping potential risks

Identify everything that could go wrong, so you can seal up all the (potential) holes. Assume that prevention won't be enough.

Application & Host Security

Setting up a firewall around your company isn't sufficient any longer. Make every individual component (application, server, service, network) as secure as you can.

Identity & Credentials

Sealing everything off completely won't be feasible, of course. Now that remote working has become the norm, proper and secure access is enormously important. Adaptive, intelligent security policies are no longer optional.

Data Security

You must take suitable measures to protect your data. That means data classification, encryption and labeling, as well as definition of appropriate policies.


Monitoring device health and compliance is vital. Devices are attractive targets to cybercriminals, thanks to data flows from devices to on-premise workloads and the cloud.


Use network segmentation to limit which components are allowed to communicate with one another. Even more importantly, do your best to detect and prevent anomalies.

Localizing business opportunities

Digital identities are more than a security measure. They also enable countless new digital business models. As long as they are implemented intelligently, security and user friendliness needn't be in conflict any longer.


Define a long-term security vision and an active policy. Create a framework and be sure to adapt it as needed. This has to be done by humans, but the right tooling makes the job easier.

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