SIEM & SOC as a Service

Implementation and maintenance of traditional security tools is a difficult and budget-sensitive exercise for the average organization. The difficulty of this exercise stems from two factors. On the one hand, it is not self-evident how to implement solutions that are capable of handling the massive presence of different types of cyber threats Secondly, it requires a lot of manpower and expertise to monitor the implemented systems 24/7, and to streamline them.

However, a security service is essential; currently security is an important measure of a company's reputation. Continuous monitoring for potential data leaks, malware attacks, social engineering, hacking and other potential breaches is the 'blind spot' of almost every organization.

Latent issues


The current shift towards digitization brings some hidden risks in its wake on the security front. In the past, all the company's information was locked up safely in an archive box with a padlock. Now, every employee carries it with them off the company's premises on mobile devices, which means that key information is accessible at any time regardless of location.

Missing link between technology and people

The security strategies that most companies apply today are inadequate. The strategy is often only focused on technology, but to make it completely watertight you need to focus just as much attention on the process – and people also need to buy into it. Constant camera surveillance is worthless if no-one is looking at it or analyzing it.

Cost control

The right skills and resources to implement a full strategy are expensive and hard to find.


GDPR compliancy

More stringent GDPR legislation is having a major impact on the management and security of personal data from individuals. It is expected that every privacy breach will be detected promptly.

Emergency plan

Many companies score well at the level of technological support for their security strategy with a focus on prevention. A preventive approach is essential, but not enough on its own. Companies also need to be prepared for a scenario where a breach occurs despite their preventive measures. Then you need to have your emergency plan in place. Our service helps to reinforce the preventive approach by augmenting it with incident detection and response services.

Our SIEM & SOC approach

A 24/7 managed service that analyses and correlates big security data, using best of breed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) technology, and delivers it to the watchful eyes of the security experts in the Security Operations Center (SOC).

Our SIEM correlates relevant data from the technology, important information from processes, and worrying behavior patterns of users of the IT infrastructure.



All the big data that is recorded in your organization passes through a filter. In this way we retain only those incidents that require attention; only those things that really pose a threat come to the surface. Operational monitoring of security breaches is also important. Often breaches are not detected promptly, or not at all. Realdolmen acts as a "sense of reality" filter, so we only grab your attention when it is relevant. We offer a service at the tactical level that reinforces and consolidates the technology.

First of all, we survey the existing risks and map out a path to evolve from where you are now to where you should be. We identify where the weak links are, what the potential downside impact of these is, and what priorities need to be set. We train your employees and coach them through the changes, so that they embrace the security compliance policy and the adjusted business processes with enthusiasm and follow them in practice.

What's in it for you


Constant monitoring

By monitoring 24/7, we limit or avoid the loss of business continuity. Thanks to rapid detection and response, overall damage can quickly be limited. In this way, when there is a security incident the loss of productivity and intellectual property is kept as small as possible.



As breaches are detected quickly, you can avoid GDPR fines. With all the media attention currently focused on this area, this kind of fine can be very damaging to the reputation you have so carefully built up.


Operating expenditures

Our OPEX oriented cost model gives you a total up-front view of the budget required, and is unique in the world of SIEM and SOC. This model makes our approach more rapid, flexible and modular. No heavyweight CAPEX approval process that threatens to make the target unachievable.

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