your optimal employee experience


your optimal employee experience

Your employees' field of action has long since ceased to be limited to the traditional office. Today, the hybrid workplace is the norm and employees can work anywhere and anytime, whether it be at home, in satellite offices, at the customer’s premises, or even out on the road.

This reality has created new challenges, and companies need to become flexible and adapt. Their main focus needs to be on staying connected with their employees and keeping open communication between them.

This is where an intranet comes in. Your company can use an intranet as a two-way channel to share news and company updates with employees, and also provide a place where employees can access information and find answers to their work-related questions.

Do your employees need to see what was posted about the company on LinkedIn? Or maybe someone needs to order refreshments for a customer meeting. Someone may need to submit a request for time off or holidays… or how about getting access to the company’s HR policies or some information on current training programs? An intranet can provide a host of useful tools and information for your employees and they only have to do one thing: log in.


The benefits of an intranet

An intranet can make all information available at a single location that can be accessed from anywhere and on any device. You can use it to offer self-service apps and guide employees through digital workflows.
Time savings and higher productivity

Time savings and higher productivity

More employee engagement

More employee engagement

o	Efficient, flexible cooperation between teams

Efficient, flexible cooperation between teams

We can build your intranet based on your requirements

If you want the simplicity of an out-of-the-box solution, we can use Microsoft SharePoint Online standard components, which means that we can easily integrate your solution with apps from the Office 365 ecosystem, such as Teams.

This way, your intranet solution is only a click away from these now-familiar working environments.

Are you already using Office 365? If you are, you do not need to buy any additional licenses for your intranet. But better than that, your intranet will also allow you to harness the full power of SharePoint Online – already included in your Office 365 suite.

Because we work with standard components, we can deliver results very quickly. We follow Microsoft best practice to create a future-proof solution: easy to maintain and without hidden costs. This will allow you to benefit from the years of experience we have accumulated in this field.

If ou need additional functionality, we recommend using our Power Lab. This is where we would customize your solution and get optimal use out of the possibilities offered by the Microsoft Power Platform.

Inetum-Realdolmen – the partner for your intranet

Would you like to start with a brand-new intranet? Do you want to modernize or expand your existing solution, or possibly move it to the cloud? Whatever questions you may have, we are happy to discuss them and help you with your intranet-based requirements.

Our expertise in practice

Would you like to know how using an intranet has helped other companies enhance their employee experience and streamline day-to-day business? Discover how we completely redesigned VRT’s legacy intranet in SharePoint Online.

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