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Inetum orders 87% fully electric or plug-in hybrid cars for its employees

Huizingen, Bergen, Ghent, Kontich, Leuven & Lummen, 20 March 2023

Inetum in Belgium is fully committed to the electrification of its fleet. In 2022, as many as 70% of the employees who ordered a new company car chose to trade in their diesel or gasoline vehicle for a fully electric or hybrid model. This switch will mean a 73% reduction in CO2 emissions. Of these current orders, no fewer than 231 of the 435 vehicles, or 53%, are fully electric, with 34% opting for a plug-in hybrid car. In total, there are 87% electrified cars on order, most of which are fully electric. So once delivered, during 2023, CO2 emissions will fall even farther. In addition, the accADDemICTs of 2023 will immediately start with an electric Cupra Born. Greening the fleet is one of Inetum's initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint.

Everyone here takes sustainability seriously, including when it comes to the fleet. Inetum is working on sustainable fleet management and is making additional investments in charging stations. In this way, the company is succeeding in reducing its impact on the climate by reducing its CO2 emissions. In addition, the company uses hybrid working, which also reduces the number of trips to and from the office, the thus the impact of the fleet on the environment.

53% of the cars ordered are fully electric, and 34% are plug-in hybrids

Inetum offers its employees the option of choosing between an electric, plug-in hybrid or diesel or gas-powered car. In reality, not everyone is ready to make the switch to an electric car at the moment. The company is already noticing a growing demand from employees for electric cars. Through the Ambassador Program, set up in mid-2022, employees who would otherwise have to drive a gasoline or diesel car for at least two years could make the switch to an electrified car earlier. Last year, 70% of employees who replaced their company car chose an electrified model, leading to a 73% reduction in CO2 emissions.

In addition, there are currently 435 pending orders for new cars, to be delivered in 2023. No fewer than 231 of these cars (53%) are electrified, and 147 (34%) are plug-in hybrids. This means that 87% of the cars ordered are electric or plug-in hybrid cars. Thanks to this switch, Inetum expects a CO2 reduction of around 70%. Furthermore, fully electric cars also make up the bulk of the orders. In 2021, plug-in hybrids were still the most popular, at 262 of the 791 vehicles ordered.

We can clearly see that the interest in electric cars is growing among our employees. That's great to see! We have been greening our fleet for years, but since 2022, more of our employees have dared to overcome their cold feet and take the plunge into their first electric car. This is also partly due to our "Electrification Introduction Day" initiative, when our employees had the opportunity to test drive the various electrified cars we offer. With our employees’ commitment, we aim to make our vehicle fleet even more CO2-neutral in the coming years. Thanks to this positive progress, we are able to reduce our impact on the environment, explains Bart De Gelder, Mobility Manager at Inetum in Belgium.

Investments in charging stations at the office and at home

Electric cars also mean charging stations. Meanwhile, in Belgium, Inetum has 28 charging stations in the parking lots of three of its office locations, namely 16 in Huizingen, 10 in Kontich, and 2 in Leuven. Employees receive a charging badge that allows them to charge their car throughout Europe. In addition, around 190 charging stations have been installed at employees’ homes since mid-2021 for maximum comfort and convenience.

The transition to electric cars doesn’t happen at the snap of a finger. There’s much more to it than just ordering the car. The comfort of our employees is also crucial for us. That’s why we have invested heavily in installing charging stations at our office and at our employees' homes. As a forward-thinking company in the field of sustainability, we believe it’s really important to encourage our employees to choose an electric vehicle. This is only possible if you make it as easy and comfortable as possible for them by providing sufficient charging facilities, at the office, on the road and in their homes, explains Johnny Smets, General Manager of Inetum in Belgium.

Electric Cupra Born as a starter car

The recent graduates, accADDemICTs, starting this year at Inetum in Belgium will receive an electric Cupra Born at the start of their training program at the company. This model was selected through an internal survey of the current accADDemICTs. Today, 20 new accADDemICTs are using their electric cars.

Cupra Born

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