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2 Will AI bring more job satisfaction and efficiency to the workplace? HP certainly think so.

24 April 2024

At its Amplify Partner Conference, HP announced a new AI portfolio, bringing generative AI to the workplace in a concrete form. Jo Leemans, Technologies Director at Inetum-Realdolmen, was in attendance. Below is a report of his findings, which can be found in Data News. (source: Data News, 25/3/2024)

The latest machines are equipped with neural processing units (NPU) for incredile processing power. Today, the computing models that run in the cloud can now run on the edge, namely on AI-enabled PCs, close to the user and with lower energy consumption. That's how HP wants to make working methods increasingly efficient and enjoyable. Microsoft Copilot functionalities will also be integrated into the new PCs.

I am very excited about this development because it is the next step in democratizing AI. Today, AI is determined to a large extent by major players and their models, but a far wider range of possibilities is opening up for our customers.

HP's 2023 Work Relationship Index showed that only 27% of knowledge workers rate their working relationship as "healthy". This is partly due to job dissatisfaction, which leads to lower productivity, less loyalty and less engagement. Job expectations, on the other hand, increased for fifty-eight percent of employees worldwide over the last two to three years, and they were clearly left unsatisfied.

Fifty-four percent of knowledge workers now expect AI to bring higher levels of job satisfaction and make their work easier. As an example, AI can offer users a personalized experience. Some of the opportunities I see include:

  • Printing software anticipating users' printing behavior;
  • a better experience during video calls, with a higher-quality image of the people on the call or background noise being filtered out;
  • support for writing text or creating designs;
  • tools to measure productivity and suggest improvements;
  • tools to measure tool usage and improve the experience based on it; and
  • integration of all aspects, such as preparing a meeting based on emails, creating reports and entering actions in a customer's CRM.
HP Amplify

It goes without saying that this requires the right AI tools and technology. I'm curious to see whether users' high expectations will be met. Many of our people are already keen to get started with even more AI tools to make their work more enjoyable and efficient. The possibilities are endless, but including customers in the available options based on their own experiences will be key. The biggest challenge, however, will be to find the right path through the whole host of options available to us.

Compulsory AI Certification for Partners

As HP partners, we are challenged to make AI part of our DNA to be sure we bring HP's solutions to customers in the right way. That is why HP has set up a new AI training and certification program, which means all partners must be certified.

I think that's a good thing, because end customers are still struggling to understand what AI can mean for them. At Inetum, we are already taking our 27,000 employees worldwide on a training journey on everything to do with AI, so we can provide our customers with the best possible advice and guidance on the value of AI for their organization. This gives our people an AI playground that allows us to see the benefits and pitfalls of AI first hand. We share HP's belief that you can only talk about a subject if you have worked on it yourself.

At the end of 2023, Whitelane Research asked around 300 major IT spenders in our country about AI in their company. Only nine percent said they already used AI, and that it had a significant impact on business processes. That means there's a huge margin for growth, and I think the certification program is definitely worth it.

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