Want to make video conferencing more efficient? Here's how.

Want to make video conferencing more efficient? Here's how.

23 July 2021

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Video conferencing is the future. Now that we are working from home on a massive scale and are no longer able to attend physical meetings (or at least, a lot less), we are doing more video conferences than ever before. An ordinary phone call or a classic business trip? That's virtually a thing of the past. Video conferencing not only saves costs, it is also better for the environment. We would like to share some tips for efficient video conferencing.

Inetum-Realdolmen also knows how important video conferencing is. In fact, we are convinced that everyone working from home should have all the necessary tools to work just smoothly at home as in the office. Microsoft Teams not only allows you to video conference efficiently. This collaboration tool gives you a shared workspace where you can share files, chat, and much more. Below we have compiled some simple recommendations for efficient video conferencing, for example with Microsoft Teams.

Tip 1: Be on time

When you host an online meeting, you need to open the meeting on time. Because waiting online is enormously irritating. It also increases stress levels: is there something wrong with my Internet connection or have I done something wrong? But participants also need to log in on time. And as a host, you can help ensure this by including the link and/or login code for the meeting in the invitation.

Tip 2: Make sure the subject is clear

Just like a physical meeting, it is important to clearly indicate what the meeting is about. Outline this in the invitation. We also recommend adding an overview of the agenda items. This way, participants will have an instant view of the meeting's structure. Do (certain) participants need to prepare something? Then inform them directly and discuss this with each participant. This way everyone is well prepared and your meeting will run more efficiently.

Tip 3: Appoint a moderator

In a video conference, participants typically respond at the same time. This causes confusion and you lose time. How can you avoid this? Appoint a moderator who indicates who is supposed to talk when. This way the online meeting will be more structured. Remember that the moderator does not have to be the same as the person who organizes the meeting.

Tip 4: Choose the right equipment

There is nothing more annoying than background noise disturbing your online meeting. This is no longer an issue with, for example, HP EliteBooks. These devices have microphones at the front and back and use artificial intelligence to recognize and suppress background noise – such as barking.

On your way to the digital (home) workplace.

Is your organization looking for support to equip its employees' digital home workplace with the right tools (like Microsoft Teams) and services (such as Workplace as a Service)? Here are some of the ways we can help you achieve the smart workplace of the future via a Teams JumpStart, Calling Assessment, or Workplace as a Service. Contact us for more information or a no-obligation virtual meeting.

On your way to the digital (home) workplace.

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