backup roadmap

Backup Roadmap

The fastest route to the best backup solution for your IT environment

Inetum-Realdolmen helps Arlanxeo Belgium set up new backup environment

Due to developments in the Internet of Things, big data and data analytics, the volume of data in organizations just keeps growing. At the same time, 40% of Belgian businesses do not perform a daily backup and are therefore at risk of losing the data. Has your backup infrastructure kept pace with the rest of your IT infrastructure?

Questions you should ask yourself...

  • Is backup to tape still the best possible solution for your environment?
  • Is the backup of your data in the cloud and the Office 365 environment guaranteed?
  • What about backup in your remote offices?
  • Is your backup window constantly shrinking?

In summary, can you be sure of having reliable backups in place and give your organization the guarantee that they can rapidly pick up from where they left off?

A good backup solution needs to meet a number of requirements

  • It secures all the data that need to be protected in the current environment. At the same time, it is capable of guaranteeing that future projects are backed up. 
  • It provides protection against internal factors, such as technical failures or human errors, as well as against external factors, such as viruses and ransomware.
  • It meets the predefined minimum business levels of data loss (RPO) and downtime (RTO) that the organization can tolerate.
  • It guarantees rapid, proper restoration within the agreed timescales. 
  • It fits in seamlessly with existing DR infrastructure and meets the regulations on compliance and privacy (GDPR).


Realdolmen provides a Backup Roadmap to help you work out which backup solution is the best fit for your organization’s needs in terms of data protection, management and restore. The deliverable you receive is a personalized roadmap. Should you wish more info or a roadmap, send an email to We will contact you as soon as possible. 


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