Backup-As-A-Service with Commvault at Smals

Backup-As-A-Service with Commvault at Smals

Smals provides a new G-Cloud service for government agencies: Backup-as-a-Service. The solution relies upon a large Commvault environment, implemented by Realdolmen.

G-Cloud is an initiative by the federal government. This concerns a hybrid cloud to provide government agencies and organizations with access to various services. The idea behind G-Cloud is simple: increase efficiency and bring down costs by offering specific ICT services and platforms through the cloud.

Smals is one of the G-Cloud service providers. Smals is the joint ICT organization for the Belgian government social security and public health agencies.

Among other things, the organization offers its customers more processing power and storage using G-Cloud. They can now find a solution for Backup-as-a-Service here as well. Smals issued a public contract to accomplish this, and the combination of Commvault and Realdolmen emerged as the best solution.

Commvault and Realdolmen have proved that it's possible to implement Backup-as-a-Service as a true cloud service that's powerful and intuitive to use.

Dirk Deridder | Operational Director IT Infrastructure, Systems, Service & Support @ Smals

One platform

Realdolmen implemented the largest Commvault environment in the country for Smals. The challenge was to come up with a solution that fulfilled Smals' requirements, but also those of the end clients. After all, Smals will use the implementation by Realdolmen to act as service provider to the government agencies using the Backup-as-a-Service offered through G-Cloud.

Realdolmen addressed this specific context by developing not just the technical implementation, but also onboarding procedures for the end users. Specialists from Realdolmen were on-site at Smals as well, providing support as necessary. The final result is a single platform that allows Smals to address all the backup needs of the member institutions, including those government agencies which – due to their digital transformation – use backup more and more as an active medium.

Thanks to the combination of Commvault and Realdolmen, we can move from using various tools to a single platform for backups. This solution offers us the flexibility to support a variety of systems: from databases and storage to business applications.

Luc Billion | CSM, Operational Director IT Infrastructure, Systems, Service & Support @ Smals

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