How Realdolmen used Engaged Workplace to optimize the productivity of Alpro employees

How Realdolmen used Engaged Workplace to optimize the productivity of Alpro employees

In 2016, the innovative plant-based food products producer, Alpro, decided to switch to the Microsoft Office 365 platform. Alpro was looking for a helping hand to familiarize its employees with O365, and found this in its strategic partner Realdolmen. In mutual consultation, a sophisticated and personalized Engaged Workplace was created for Alpro's 1,300 employees. When doing this, Realdolmen focused on co-creation, integration, and user adoption.

"Realdolmen's power is based on their open communication style: everyone tells it like it is, no beating around the bush."

 – Stijn Raemdonck, ICT Director Alpro

Realdolmen started by ensuring that above all there were open lines of communication with Alpro, and by closely observing the working methods of Alpro's employees. The end result was a transparent and realistic step-by-step plan that everyone was enthusiastic about. Using this co-discovery approach, Realdolmen set up an effective and targeted framework that was bound to succeed. They next captured the attention of the O365 users via a stylish poster campaign that involved Ally, the company mascot. Thanks to this, Alpro's employees were aware that various training sessions would soon be rolled out and became enthusiastic.

In a second phase, a level playing field was created for all the employees' knowledge of O365 via a basic training course, and all the software was updated to the most recent version. As some of Alpro's employees used specific O365 tools and apps, more specific training sessions were also scheduled, in order to fully integrate these as well. Finally, Realdolmen coached the end-users during the final switch-over and the employees ended up leaving the old tools behind.

Stijn Raemdonck

We really feel the difference compared to a year ago. Our colleagues now use technology in a completely different way. They see O365 as a modern and interactive platform that makes it easy for the user to quickly and easily switch between different solutions.

Stijn Raemdonck | ICT Director @ Alpro

What Alpro has most noticed is that the users continued to grow within the Office environment after the project. They want to continue learning and also seem to succeed. So Alpro is still reaping the benefits of Realdolmen's user adoption process every day.

Do you, just like Alpro, want to improve the cooperation between your employees and increase their productivity? Then choose Realdolmen's future-proof approach and take the first step today to a modern, flexible and widely supported workplace.

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