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Hybrid working at Inetum-Realdolmen
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To be able to give our customers the best possible total experience, our employees need to be happy too. That's why we put our employees at the center of everything we do. Hybrid working is one of our most important levers for this. That way, we can concentrate on the achievement of results and value.
Our vision on our Way of Working, or WOW, has six components. Together, these define what hybrid working means to our company. They invite dialogue. Our ultimate goal is the creation of an enjoyable workplace for our people. So that they, in turn, can support our customers in achieving a Positive Digital Flow.

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1. We are flexible in when we work

We are free to choose our own working hours according to the requirements of the individual, customer and team. Our trust is complete. If you've got a dentist's appointment, no problem. We can finish up after dinner.

3. We work and collaborate digitally

Technology is our core business. We help contribute to innovative developments and act as ambassadors of a high level of digital maturity. Working and collaborating digitally makes us stronger as employees and facilitates hybrid working. We are contributing to our own Positive Digital Flow.

5. We see mobility as an opportunity

We embrace the need for multiple mobility needs and are aware that these may change with time. We search for flexible mobility solutions to address current needs.

2. We are flexible in where we work

Our home offices have won a permanent place in our hearts. The office is a meeting point, a place to gather for specific activities that make traveling worth the effort. We are free to choose our own work location according to the requirements of the individual, customer and team.

4. We aim to establish a positive workplace culture

We are committed to maintaining our shared DNA. We care about our connection to one another. We actively invest in bonding and fun activities that make everyone feel like part of our Inetum family.

6. We are committed to physical and mental health

We support a good work-life balance. A healthy balance gives us energy and resilience to support one another sustainably.We offer each other tips and assistance in maintaining physical and mental health.
For a Better Together.

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