From dream to reality: our Way of Working

14 June 2022

Our employees can only give our customers the best total experience if they themselves are satisfied and motivated. This is why we put our employees at the center of everything we do. Hybrid working is one of our most important enablers for this. This way we focus on realizing results and creating value. Wondering what our Way of Working vision is and how we realize it? You can read it in this blog post!

Our Way of Working vision

An employee survey showed that 86% of our people did not want to return to the pre-coronavirus situation that only allowed them to work from home two days a week. Having to work full time from home during the coronavirus pandemic clearly revealed that we can do things differently. A multidisciplinary team further implemented this insight and created a fresh hybrid working vision.

Our hybrid working vision and policy are an essential part of our employee centricity policy. They are important tools to offer our employees the best possible work experience. This also means that hybrid working is not a one-size-fits-all concept for us. Besides a number of binding guidelines for the entire organization, there is a playing field within which the various teams can establish their own arrangements. For instance, in our opinion hybrid working is not about the number of days people can work from home; it is very much based on the work itself. It is the purpose of the activities that determines whether there is any value in traveling to the office. People can decide for themselves for which activities the team can physically meet. Of course, the agreed quality and the intended result always come first.

Ann De Ryck, HR Director Inetum-Realdolmen

Our Way of Working or WOW vision has six key principles. These define what hybrid work means to our company. They invite for dialogue. Our ultimate goal is to create an enjoyable workplace for our people, so that they, in turn, can support our customers in achieving a Positive Digital Flow.


Our six principles:

  1. We are flexible in when we work
  2. We are flexible in where we work
  3. We work together (digitally)
  4. We build a positive working culture
  5. We see mobility as an opportunity
  6. We are committed to physical and mental well-being

You can find out here how we put our vision into practice.

The mental well-being of our people –and therefore of our company in general – plays a fundamental role in our WOW vision. Our WOW vision offers our employees a certain amount of freedom, but it also keeps everyone connected to each other and to the organization. I am also very aware of the positive impact this has on society, because limiting our employees' travel also reduces traffic and our ecological footprint.

Johnny Smets, General Manager Inetum-Realdolmen

Hybrid working in practice

Actions speak louder than words, which is why we think it is important that our vision also results in concrete actions. The accompanying policy therefore makes it clear to our employees how this vision translates into people’s everyday reality. We constantly embed, evaluate and tweak our vision. We keep an open dialogue with our customers and employees to constantly put the arrangements to the test.

We are convinced that our hybrid working vision and approach allow us to attract more talent that we can deploy on behalf of customers who share our vision. This is why we proactively discuss this with our customers – always based on a mutual understanding of each other's challenges, of course. That is the only way to build truly valuable and lasting partnerships. The vision is an ideal conversation starter to broach the subject of hybrid work. After all, together with all our employees and customers, we want to focus more on achieving results and value rather than on exactly where and when we actually do our work.

Tom Tomczak, Sales & Marketing Director Inetum-Realdolmen

This cultural shift can only be successful if our leaders support and nurture it. We give them tools and best practices to engage in a dialogue with teams and customers. That is how we proactively support them to move forward into the new world of hybrid work. Together we make our WOW vision tangible and reality throughout the organization and beyond.

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