Whitepaper IT Outsourcing

Whitepaper IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing to speed up change

This white paper outlines the role of IT outsourcing in the age of digital transformation. Lots of companies are taking a long, hard look at the products and services they offer. The extra flexibility and simplification that IT outsourcing provides helps this transformation process run much more smoothly. Companies are choosing a new approach for the following reasons:

  • to improve operational processes
  • to develop new business models
  • to enhance the customer experience

This last one particular, the customer experience, gets to the heart of the matter. There is after all a movement underway in which the empowered customer is taking hold of the reins. Newcomers have understood this very well and are focussing very strongly on the customer and their experiences with providers – from first acquaintance to after sales. More traditional companies have to learn how to deal with this, which is challenging them to change the way they think.

Changing faster, securely

An organisation’s ability to change determines its chances of survival. This has an enormous impact on the ICT organisation, especially as circumstances are changing faster and faster. Qualified IT personnel are scarce, so deploying the right people correctly is of fundamental importance. Do you use your people to maintain what you’ve got or to achieve something new? If you use them for the latter, which we certainly recommend, you run the risk of causing a bottleneck for the former. So there’s good reason to consider outsourcing your essential ICT: all your employees’ devices, your standard software, servers and their security, and so on.

Free up time for innovation

Outsourcing the operational management of your ICT environment to an external partner means you can focus on innovation, so your business can grow. You have more time to make sure your ICT organisation better matches your business.

To make all this an even greater success, you can place the outsourcing of your ICT in a broader strategic context:

  • What does ICT means for your organisation and does this fit in with your vision for the future?
  • To what extent does ICT support your business processes and how flexibly can your ICT deal with change and complexity?
  • How do you assess what is best to keep in house and what can you do better by outsourcing?

You can find inspiration for the answers to these question in the whitepaper below.