Audits and roadmaps

Audits and roadmaps

A secure route to high-performance ICT

Identifying Problem Areas

You can’t keep up with your competitors using outdated technology in this day and age – let alone stay ahead of them. ICT is often so crucial for your organisation’s smooth operation that it’s sometimes difficult to get rid of something and replace it by installing something new. Upgrading has to be gradual, focussed and done correctly. The first step towards modernising your ICT infrastructure is to accurately identify any shortcomings by means of a comprehensive audit. This entails a detailed analysis of all existing hardware, software, processes and services, and drawing up a requirements specification for new applications.

Enabling Your Change

In order to get started with updating your ICT arsenal, you need a roadmap. This provides you with all the steps you need to take to arrive at the desired outcome. It’s crucial here that there are adequate, stable, intermediate platforms in place, so the business can continue to run efficiently. Change is necessary, but continuity is more important. We’re helping more and more customers switch over to a completely new infrastructure that allows them to respond quickly, which is increasingly necessary in preparation for Big Data and the Internet of Things. The ability to add new functions quickly and easily is therefore more significant than the new function itself.

Implementing Plans

Lots of companies have bad experiences with roadmaps that have been drawn up by specialist companies. If you don’t have to implement the roadmap yourself, you can be very inventive with it! At Realdolmen we implement these plans ourselves, so you can rely on us for a realistic approach. We know the practical value of an audit.

Visual Modelling

We have a whole set of methods and techniques for carrying out audits. Our consultants use these in close cooperation with your project managers, and are experts when it comes to ICT architecture, including ICT governance. Realdolmen works using these methods on a scale not seen before in Belgium, and we use graphic representations in our modelling tool to improve communications. These types of models are necessary to keep an overview of the complexity across multiple dimensions.

Cloud Roadmap; your future in the cloud

When it comes to the cloud, customers aren’t looking for a broker, but an integrator ; they want to be informed about all the options and help actively looking for best solution, made to measure. At Realdolmen we take care of this by drawing up cloud roadmaps .

You can find all the information you need about the cloud and cloud roadmap in this whitepaper.

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