Virtual Collaboration

Virtual Collaboration

The digital pillar of the new hybrid approach to work

With the wave that led us to all suddenly work from home as much as possible slowly but surely receding, we are now ready to embrace a new, hybrid work model in its wake. Some of us will be returning to the office more regularly, while others will continue to reap the benefits of working from home. This new model requires new forms of collaboration. We need tools that can bring people in diverse geographical locations together virtually, thereby allowing them to collaborate more closely and efficiently.

Virtual Collaboration is a collective name for all those technologies that help us simulate physical collaborations and gatherings as naturally as possible. That means online meetings, but also interactive tools and virtual environments in which you can wander around. The threshold to take part should be minimal.

This is a safe, fast, easy, environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to facilitate collaboration within a hybrid work culture.

Various areas of application


Virtual Coffee Break

Many people miss the social and emotional aspects of work. A virtual office with simulated corridors and coffee bars can help boost spontaneous conversation and informal networking.

Coworking Hub

Whatever software, technology or devices you wish to use for your collaborative efforts, you can combine them all into a single virtual coworking hub. Brainstorming, meetings and workshops can be more interactive and efficient than ever.

Support & Training

Virtual reconstructions of physical environments or objects can be used to try out scenarios, offer training or guide people through repairs remotely.

Endless Opportunities

• Design object review
• GP visits with digital measurements (potentially even performed in advance)
• Video calls in an augmented reality

Exploring a virtual world together

What does your ideal virtual world look like? We can offer you inspiration regarding all the available options and associated technologies. We will always start with your own circumstances. We focus on your current needs, look at what you already have and what we can expand on. To encourage success, we start small and gradually add more stakeholders, departments, technologies, data, etc. We will work with you to find solutions to any issue, whether organizational or in terms of the tools used.

Nico Vemeir

When we were all working from home as much as possible during the corona crisis, we created a virtual simulation of our office in Kontich. Employees can use avatars to walk through the building. This enables people to find each other and have a conversation without having to arrange everything in advance.

Nico Vermeir | Application Architect @ Inetum-Realdolmen

The technologies that make this possible

Alternate Reality

Combining tangible and intangible experiences
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Digital Twin

Digital reflection of a physical product or process
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Internet of Things

Extracting, collecting and utilizing valuable data
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Computer Vision

Technology of understanding what can be seen in an image.
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Virtual Spaces

Virtual environments you truly create yourself

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