Smart Industry

Smart Industry or Industry 4.0 is the result of a far-reaching digital transformation of production processes, manufacturing industries and factories. A digital evolution that many organizations are advocating in order to remain relevant in this fast-changing world. This effort has, of course, had a major impact.

The added value is greatest in the following three areas:


Operational Excellence

Production can be made more efficient and effective by weaving new technology into a production process. Costs decrease, the quality of the delivered products increases and waste is reduced. End products roll off the conveyor belt faster and the same conveyor belt has fewer downtimes.

Automation as an extra worker

There are not currently enough experienced engineers on the labor market to meet the high level of demand. Automation is required in order to close this gap. Virtual/Augmented Reality, for example, can assist a junior member of staff by taking them through a certain procedure step by step.

Digital acceleration

Technology is now an intrinsic part of business discussions. Every aspect of an organization will eventually commence its own digital transformation. Digital operational excellence goes beyond optimizing separate production lines – it involves adopting a digital attitude throughout the entire organization. For example, build a digital twin for processes. It is a digital copy in which the company's machines, controls, workflows and systems are imitated. Go even further with a digital thread, a digital report of a product or system – from its creation to its discontinuation.

Allow yourself to be guided throughout the entire process

Such a digital transformation poses many technological challenges. The IT infrastructure, the networks, the data management and the security measures need to be reconsidered. Together with you, we can design, execute and maintain this entire process.

We look at your existing processes, find out which data is available and which may be relevant in your business context. We set up a platform to make the data available and see from the beginning what security measures are needed. Everything is always tailor-made and in cooperation with our ecosystem of partners.

We think along with you, and together with our customers, we work continuously on the operation and optimization of the operational IT component, constantly freeing up new resources to innovate for the future and become re-integrated into daily operations. The idea is to work on today and on tomorrow at the same time.

Extra pieces of the puzzle

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