Project Toolkit for Hospitals
Enterprise Project management (EPM)

Project Toolkit for Hospitals

Enterprise Project management (EPM)

Gain control over your projects.
All your programs, teams and budget in the blink of an eye

Is the introduction of Enterprise Project Management for a hospital too far-fetched? If there is a need for visibility across departments, consensus on primary needs, clarity about needed collaborators, insight into the budgets and risk management, EPM offers the necessary support.  

Whether it is about setting up the right project methodology, introducing a Project Management Office (PMO), implementing the selected tools, optimizing project management, managing the programs and portfolios or introducing Agile working, our EPM consultants are focused on all facets of the project organization. Based on our years of experience in this sector, we offer our services through our "Project Toolkit for hospitals"

Project Toolkit for Hospitals

Many challenges

These days, there are various challenges concerning managing projects:

  • Gaining status and control of current projects
  • Being able to make proper use of project staff from various departments 
  • Gaining an insight into the actual cost and the strategic added value of projects
  • Aligning capacity to future projects
  • Pro-actively managing the project portfolio
  • Finding suitable tools for optimum planning, follow up and reporting
  • Achieving a final result that meets the agreed objectives.

These challenges sometimes result in a loss of efficiency and the costs of projects becoming unmanageable. Realdolmen’s approach using the Toolkit for Hospitals will ensure that the project maturity increases, resulting in a higher added value of your projects.


On the basis of several workshops, the project approach of each department and each type of project is assessed together with you, step by step. On the basis of this analysis it is decided where process optimization can be done and how certain tools can be used to support the project processes.

Apart from the processes, project staff knowledge is also assessed. Realdolmen also has great expertise in this area and can help you support and train your staff in, for instance, project methodology, portfolio management and other skills required for PMO management. 

This way, all aspects of project management are pragmatically and optimally aligned. 

The Project Toolkit for Hospitals

The Project Toolkit for Hospitals is a collection of processes, tools and best practices that are the result of Realdolmen’s many years of experience in project management in hospitals.

Several advantages of this toolkit include: 

  • A better planning and insight into the required resources and complete project portfolio
  • The possibility of following up risks and problems transparently 
  • Immediately being able to determine the impact of shifts in time or cost
  • Easily and safely sharing documents and project information 
  • Clear project methodology and improved process flows
  • Extensive reporting possibilities such as status reports, dashboards, project overviews, planning reports, capacity overview, cost overviews, etc. 
  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities, efficient cooperation between the services.

The implementation of the Project Toolkit for Hospitals will mainly enable a pragmatic method of project management and a coordinating governance methodology, which will demonstrate its added value for the board of directors, steering committees and project officers from day one.


Increase the maturity of projects and optimize the added value for each project of the hospital through new processes and best practices, training and guidance, and effective integrated tools.

Return on your Investment (ROI)

  • Return on your Investment (ROI)
  • More successful projects
  • Resources allocated optimally
  • Projects within schedule & budget
  • Focus on the right projects
  • Project information at your fingertips
  • Customer satisfaction up
  • Stakeholders satisfaction up
  • Projects aligned to division strategy
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