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How satisfied are you with your workplaces?

14 March 2022

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One thing is clear: we are working in a different, more hybrid manner. For instance, we work from home whenever possible. Imaging specialist Barco conducted a survey to find out how European employees feel about this. Discover how we can help you increase satisfaction in your workplaces.

What is hybrid working

Let's start with the basics. A hybrid workplace is more than just working from home or the office. It's about being able to work securely, smoothly and productively anywhere – at home, in the office, at a client's premises, on the train.... And all this with the proper tools and technologies. Unfortunately, this is where a weak spot is often found.

Dissatisfaction with technological facilities

The study by Barco reveals that 41% of employees are currently dissatisfied with the technological facilities at their workplace. In other words, there is still work to be done. For example, 47% of respondents indicated that video-conferencing equipment is important. According to 72% of those surveyed, all meeting rooms should be equipped with the right video-conferencing technology in order not only to enable but to encourage hybrid working methods. 

A personal approach creates a greater sense of satisfaction

How satisfied are you with your workplaces? It's time to ask yourself that question if you haven't done so already. Of course, we can help you and your organization with this. Thanks to an ecosystem that includes numerous partners such as HP and Microsoft, we can offer comprehensive solutions in the field of the hybrid workplaces so that people and organizations can work and grow to their full potential.

In conjunction with the "office of the future", HP has been conducting research for a number of years into workplace developments, trends and expectations and how technology can offer support. The main finding: a personal touch in the workplace is now essential. In the past, most employers provided all their employees with the same device – without taking into account their individual tasks, responsibilities or needs. Today, it is important to put more thought into this. A designer, for instance, needs a completely different device than an HR manager. It is therefore important to group your employees into profiles – also known as personas – and to define the devices that best fit each profile. By doing so, the focus is placed on employees and their work experience, which in turn increases their satisfaction. Discover all about it in our blog 'Employees and their work experience take center stage'. 

Not just a technology thing

What's important to note is that we shouldn't just view hybrid working as a mere technological matter. It is about a profound, strategic shift. Time- and location-independent work is quickly becoming a crucial competitive edge through which to attract competent employees and improve customer service. This is why we offer the possibility of acquiring the new, modern workplace as a service through our Workplace as a Service formula. 

Specifically, Workplace as a Service incorporates everything your employees expect from a digital workplace: premium hardware, software and all associated services. We offer this solution through a service model allowing you to easily configure a package that is perfectly tailored to the needs of every employee.  In short, it is a solution that aims to provide an increasingly diverse workforce with everything they need to thrive, engage and collaborate. 

With Workplace as a Service of Inetum-Realdolmen simple to maximum efficiency and productivity.

Learn more about the benefits and discover our different packages, from Basic to Innovative.

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