Employees and their experience at work take center stage

15 October 2021

Modern workplace

Flexibility is the norm

Traditional 9-to-5 work days? Those days are quietly slipping into the oblivion of the history books. Millennials and Gen Z'ers – who make up more than half of the entire workforce – see flexibility as the norm. They want nothing less than a seamless blend between their work and personal lives.


Blending work and personal lives in the hybrid work environment

Not only did the global health crisis force organizations to enable knowledge workers to work from home whenever possible, but it also reinforced the desire of other generations for a fine blend between their work and personal lives.

As soon as this is once again possible, employees will want to be able to work efficiently from any workplace (at the office, in the home office, on the road, etc.). In other words, we are evolving towards a hybrid working environment.

The right tools and technologies

So, how do you make this happen? Provide your employees with tools and technologies that fit in with their daily activities, wherever they work. This means that devices shouldn't just be functional – they should also be durable and enable mobile employees to work quickly, safely and productively wherever they may happen to be. And, if possible, with a unique design that matches the personality of the user. This places employees and their work experience center stage. This enables employees to give the best of themselves wherever they go and to be more connected to their work and each other than ever before.

The individuals of your organization

Consequently, taking a personal approach is now an integral part of the hybrid working environment. From now on, you attune devices to the people using them and you not only take into account the specific tasks and responsibilities, but also the way they work, where they work and the personality of the users themselves. This not only improves the work experience of your employees or ensures that work can be done safely, but also helps to simplify IT management and therefore reduce costs.

Workplace as a Service

With Workplace as a Service from Inetum-Realdolmen, you empower your employees with the proper tools while simplifying the operational management of your workplace. Premium hardware, software and services for the next-gen digital workplace in an easy-to-use service model.