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Public Cloud: Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's public cloud platform. It covers a wide range of cloud services. Azure does not focus on one or more specific domains, but offers a platform and infrastructure services we can use to compose any required solution.

The Azure data centers are spread across various regions. There are two or more data centers in each region. They guarantee the availability of applications and data, and offer a solution for disaster recovery. Microsoft does not move data outside the chosen region. As a customer, you can determine exactly where Microsoft should store each type of data in a very targeted way.

Microsoft Azure
Is the public cloud suitable for me?

Is the public cloud suitable for you?

"As an ICT Manager, how can I find out which cloud options are right for which solutions? Moving the entire company to the cloud is a huge step, but ignoring the cloud altogether is not an option either, as a new generation is waiting in the wings to take on my company."

Decisions about the cloud should not be taken lightly. Initially, you need to think about your business strategy, your IT infrastructure and your application architecture. First, you document your environment with all its hardware and software. Then you can determine what does and does not belong in the cloud step by step.

Is the data business-critical? Do you want quick access to that data? Where are your data more secure: on-premise or in the cloud? Which budget do you want to set aside for interventions to guarantee your business continuity? How quickly can you respond to change? The answers to these questions will largely determine whether the public cloud is a suitable solution for your company. Of course the Realdolmen specialists will be ready to guide you through the entire process.

What added value does the public cloud offer you?

Have you already chosen the public cloud? We will guide you through the bewildering range of options currently available for the cloud. Based on this, you will receive a cloud roadmap that is populated with clearly defined and budgeted projects and is tailored to your business.

The road to success

Are you ready for the cloud? We provide independent advice and customized guidance at every stage of your cloud project.
Strategy and plan services

Analysis and planning

We will work with you to determine the requirements and possibilities for your organization. You can contact us for simple introductory options to extensive roadmaps.




After the analysis, Realdolmen will take care of the solution's implementation. We have all the necessary expertise and knowledge to implement a cloud solution from start to finish based on your needs.



Of course Realdolmen can also offer support for your cloud environment after the implementation. Our services range from simple reactive support to complete outsourcing plans.