Azure Kubernetes Service

Azure Kubernetes Service

Easily deploy and manage containers in the cloud

Why should you care about containers?

For many organisations cloud has become a business enabler that helps them to react more quickly to the changing requirements of their own environment, their customers and external competitive pressures. To get the maximum benefit from the cloud, applications should be modernized towards a "cloud-ready" and "future-proof" landscape.

Container technology has become essential in this application modernization journey. Containers give engineers the ability to package up these apps with all the necessary parts and send it out as one singular package. But then the next challenge comes into play: how manage all these different containers? Some applications are complex and need different components across multiple containers. How to orchestrate the entire process?

How can Kubernetes help ?

To put it simply, Kubernetes is an open-source software for deploying and managing containers at scale. As modern applications can span multiple containers, deployed across multiple servers, operating them becomes more complex. Kubernetes’ objective is to give IT teams the orchestration and management capabilities to deploy containers at scale: Kubernetes orchestrates clusters of virtual machines and schedules containers to run on those virtual machines based on their available compute resources and the resource requirements of each container. Containers are grouped into pods, the basic operational unit for Kubernetes, and those pods scale to your desired state. 

Kubernetes also automatically manages service discovery, incorporates load balancing, tracks resource allocation and scales based on compute utilisation. And, it checks the health of individual resources and enables apps to self-heal by automatically restarting or replicating containers. Moreover Kubernetes enables freedom of choice. Kubernetes does not lock you into any specific tool or technology, giving both engineers and operations flexibility.

Deploy and manage container applications more easily with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

While Kubernetes makes building, delivering and scaling containerised apps faster, setting up and managing a Kubernetes infrastructure is quite a complex thing. That's why Microsoft has developed the Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to help in the deployment, management and operations of Kubernetes on Azure.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers serverless Kubernetes, an integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) experience, and enterprise-grade security and governance. With AKS, Microsoft has taken part of the complexity of the underlying infrastructure away from you. For technology leaders looking to modernize applications with containers on Azure, AKS is available to facilitate that process.

Get started with Azure Kubernetes Service?

Do you wish to know what AKS can mean for you? Register for our Proof of Concept and discover it yourself.

What can Inetum-Realdolmen do for you ?


Want to see Kubernetes in action before taking a decision? Then our Proof of concept is what you need. In just 5 days we will setup and configure AKS, deploy a sample application and proof the automated scaling of AKS.

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  • Certified and experienced Azure and Kubernetes consultants can set up your Kubernetes clusters
  • Software architecture consultancy and delivery capacity to help you build containerised applications, based on a microservices architecture.


  • Fully managed AKS cluster: we build and maintain your AKS cluster so that your development team can focus on software development while we take full responsibility of the AKS cluster.


  • DevOps consultancy
  • Training and coaching on Kubernetes and application containerization

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