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Inetum CEO Jacques Pommeraud signs open letter led by Cédric O on the risks of the draft EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Saint-Ouen, 4 July 2023

Together with Cédric O, former French State Secretary of Digital Transition and Electronic Communications, and more than 120 French and European economic stakeholders, Inetum CEO Jacques Pommeraud has signed the open letter to representatives of the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament, to express concerns regarding Europe's competitiveness and technological sovereignty following the latest developments of the draft EU AI Act.

As head of a global group that is a European leader in digital services and solutions, Jacques Pommeraud joins a number of economic players in pointing out the risks of an irrational desire to regulate artificial intelligence, in particular what is called generative AI. For the CEO of the digital services provider Inetum, excessive regulation of this technology would curb the innovative capacity of European companies and encourage those who want to escape a too imposing regulatory framework, to relocate.

While no-one is denying the need to control the uses of this technology, the open letter calls for a moderate and collaborative legal framework to make Artificial Intelligence a lever of positive impact on the performance and competitiveness of European companies. The challenges are considerable, even more so for digital companies like Inetum, to continue to innovate – for themselves and for their clients – but also to attract and retain the best talents and skills in this technology.

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