Make IT a Game-changer for Long-term Growth

Make IT a Game-changer for Long-term Growth

22 December 2020

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We're living in a time of great change. With the rapid succession of technological innovations and an ever shorter time-to-market, companies have to learn to respond smoothly and intuitively to changes in the market. They need an agile business strategy to tackle new challenges rapidly and efficiently.

Innovation is required to keep up and stay a step ahead of the competition.

The basis for a flexible strategy is a reliable infrastructure, but how do you make IT a game-changer in your quest for long-term growth? And how do you create an infrastructure that supports agility without limiting it?

Cloud versus on-premise

Many businesses are looking to the cloud for a future-oriented infrastructure. The cloud is scalable, flexible and advantageous, and the perfect environment for email programs, storage and backups. In a hyper-connective changing world, virtualization and containerization appear to be the future. So, migrate everything to the cloud?

Many organizations, however, prefer to keep certain workloads within their own walls for control and safety, and store sensitive data and critical applications on an on-premise server. This kind of physical infrastructure demands a large initial investment and a lot of operational costs, which raises the total price tag.

For a comprehensive solution

How do you opt for safety and flexibility for just under half of the amount you spend now? As leading IT service provider, Realdolmen has reflected on this question too, and that led us to develop a solution for the operational and financial challenges many companies experience.

Datacenter as a Service is a comprehensive solution that increases the flexibility of your environment while cutting the costs in half. DCaaS reduces the complexity and inefficiency by combining private and public clouds and on-premise in a seamless environment. You get clear insight into the TCO and choose from a variety of cost formulas. Do you acquire your physical infrastructure as a service in a pay-per-use formula or do you opt for a leasing model? With Datacenter as a Service, you select the most advantageous environment for your business.

Is your organization ready for long-term growth?

With Datacenter as a Service, you make your infrastructure a game-changer in the search for long-term growth. Cloud applications enable you to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market situations, while the on-premise environment provides stability for critical applications. An integrated environment allows you to reduce your downtime and poor performance while cutting costs in half. Curious about what DCaaS can mean for your company? Read our Datacenter as a Service rapport report and discover all the benefits.



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