The best way to reduce the complexity of your hybrid environment

The best way to reduce the complexity of your hybrid environment

5 January 2021

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According to the American tech analyst Gartner, more than 90% of companies will have a hybrid infrastructure by 2020. In addition to their physical servers, they will make increasing use of various cloud services and platforms. “As the demand for flexibility and agility increases, organizations will opt more for ready-made, comprehensive solutions,” states Gartner Research Director, DD Mishra.

The complexity of a hybrid environment

Hybrid environments will thus become more important in the business world. The effective combination of the flexibility of the cloud and the safety of on-premise is convincing more and more organizations to make the transition to a hybrid infrastructure.

However, a combined infrastructure also presents organizations with challenges. “Organizations that choose to have a hybrid infrastructure will reduce costs and step up efficiency,” Mishra says. “At the same time, a hybrid environment will increase complexity.” According to research by Vanson Bourne, 70% of organizations find their hybrid infrastructure more complex than traditional IT.

Simplifying your environment

How can you maintain the advantages of a hybrid environment while reducing its complexity? Our experience as an IT service provider led Realdolmen to seek out a feasible solution. We explain the two critical factors for success in reducing the complexity of your infrastructure and developing a successful hybrid strategy.

What are the two success factors for a simplified hybrid environment?

  1. Opt for an integrated hybrid environment

    Combine public and private clouds and on-premises environments into a seamless whole for a fluid user experience, This enables you to guarantee a smooth transition between the various platforms.
  2. Go for a transparent TCO

    Opt for a transparent cost model with various payment formulas, and, in doing so, determine the most advantageous environment for each workload.

Data Center as a Service: the path to a total solution

Realdolmen also developed its own solution for a simplified hybrid environment based on these two factors essential for success.
Datacenter as a Service (DCaaS) combines the best of public cloud and on-premise cloud in one seamless infrastructure. This ensures a fluid transition between the various platforms, making downtime and slow apps are things of the past. 

Thanks to our managed services, the roundabout management of a hybrid environment is outmoded. By using the transparent DCaaS usage-based model, you also opt for maximum cost efficiency. Our experts calculate the TCO for each workload for you. This makes it easy to determine the right environment for your data and applications and save up to half of your total cost. With Data Center as a Service, we relieve you of the operational concerns for your infrastructure.

Would you also like to have your IT infrastructure drastically simplified?

Discover the advantages of DCaaS for your business.

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