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4 November 2019

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Want to ensure your employees have access to their trusted digital work environment at any time and from any location? Want to make sure they have all applications and data instantly to hand, customized to their needs, and without any concerns about hardware, software, updates or maintenance? That's the promise Realdolmen upholds with Workplace as a Service.

It's not so long ago that nine to five was the norm. Most of us worked at set times in a set location. One of the changes brought about by new technology is that it enables people to work from home. Still, this concept is nothing new anymore. Today, we work wherever and whenever we choose: at the office, at home, with the customer and while in transit. This is a new approach that only stands to bring about benefits. Businesses need less office space. People don't all arrive at the office for work at the same time, so fewer workstations are required. Employees have the freedom to organize their time more efficiently, and can combine work with caring for young children or their interests outside work more easily. Ultimately, the customer also benefits from this new way of working, since there are greater opportunities for collaboration, whether on site or face to face.

Not just about technology

It is important to realize that these changes in the world of work are not solely down to technology. Instead, they represent a radical, strategic shift. Non-time and non-location-specific working is rapidly turning into a major competitive advantage, partly to attract skilled employees and partly to improve the service provided to customers. Not only that, but the new generation of employees expects nothing less than a ‘modern workplace’ from their employer: a digital workspace with all the relevant tools and data available wherever and whenever they need them, not just in the office, but at home, on the road and at the customer's premises.

Working with partners Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft, Realdolmen has put together an offering for businesses to facilitate this new, modern workplace in the form of Workplace as a Service. This solution is intended to give the workforce – which is becoming ever more diverse – all the tools needed to further personal development, ensure commitment and facilitate collaboration. Through Workplace as a Service, the company provides its employees with a seamless, secure experience: a digital environment that encourages productivity, lays the foundations for inspiration and makes it easier to share ideas. 

Flexible formulas

In practical terms, Workplace as a Service gives your employees everything they would expect from their digital workplace: premium hardware, software and all accompanying services. Realdolmen offers this solution via a service model, enabling you to easily put together a package that is perfectly aligned to the needs of each employee. In this flexible model, you hire a device to match the profile of your employee, so that you only pay for what your employee uses. Microsoft 365 gives your employees access to the tools they need and, as you'd expect, Realdolmen can integrate your existing ERP or CRM application into the environment.

In short: your employees get the digital work environment they need, without any concerns on your part as the employer regarding the distribution, installation and maintenance of the relevant hardware and software.

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Don't wait around: get in touch with us for a BaaS – Breakfast as a Service. Our expert will arrange breakfast and go through what WpaaS from Realdolmen can do for your business.

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