WpaaS: The right digital workplace for every job

The right digital workplace for every job

17 November 2020

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Modern workplace

Every company is now affected: nowadays we not only work digitally, but we also increasingly work outside the traditional office and outside traditional office hours. This means we not only need mobile devices, but the right tools, too. Realdolmen's Workplace as a Service makes purchasing, configuring and managing all this hardware and software a simple task.

Each employee needs a digital workplace that helps them be productive, collaborate efficiently and improve their work/life balance. However, there are different job profiles in every company, each with their own specific needs and preferences. Until recently, it was a major challenge for an IT department to provide every employee with a digital workplace containing the things they needed: a laptop with the right systems, equipped with the right tools, allowing them to work efficiently not only in the office, but also at home, on the road and on site with a client.

Build your own package

Realdolmen has solved this problem with Workplace as a Service. Working with our partners Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft, Realdolmen has put together a product for businesses to acquire the new, modern workplace as a service. In practical terms, Workplace as a Service includes everything your employees expect from their digital workplace: premium hardware, software and all the associated services.

Realdolmen offers this solution under a services model, enabling you to easily put together a package that is defined to perfectly match the needs of each employee. In this flexible model, you lease a device to match the profile of your employee, so that you only pay for what each of your employees use. Microsoft 365 gives your employees access to the tools they need, and, as you would expect, Realdolmen can also integrate your existing ERP or CRM application into the environment.

Nothing but benefits

For your employees

  • The same digital workplace is always available anytime, anywhere: reliable and secure

  • Seamless switching between different devices: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone

  • Smooth collaboration with colleagues and improved productivity

  • Support in the event of problems

For CIOs

  • A wide choice of devices for employees, without the risk of uncontrolled proliferation

  • Financial predictability: pay-per-use allows accurate budgeting of hardware and software

  • Operational efficiency: no in-house expertise needed to support and maintain all the different devices

  • A secure working environment: no risk of data loss

For CFOs

  • Financial predictability and more efficient cost management

  • Innovation: the CFO (who shares the responsibility for IT) supports the company's digital transformation


  • A great, bespoke digital workplace contributes to employee satisfaction

  • Added incentive in attracting new employees

  • Essential for employee development

  • Indispensable for the proper functioning and support of the business

Want to know more about Workplace as a Service (WpaaS)?

Satisfy your hunger and contact us for a BaaS, Breakfast as a Service. Our expert will bring breakfast along to your office and offer an in-depth briefing on what Realdolmen's WpaaS can do for your organization.

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