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Inetum-Realdolmen refines WpaaS offering for optimal digital workplace

12 April 2023

Modern workplace

With Workplace as a Service (WpaaS), Inetum-Realdolmen has long offered a solution that facilitates the purchase, configuration, management, and maintenance of workplace ICT tools. "Following feedback from our customers, we have now refined and expanded that WpaaS offering even further," says Steve Mommaert, Senior Solution Manager Digital Workplace at Inetum-Realdolmen. “From PC and printer to smartphone and security software, supported by various services.”

The modern workplace is becoming increasingly digital. At the same time, organizations are no longer afraid to outsource the setup and care for that digital workplace to an experienced ICT partner, and Inetum-Realdolmen offers an attractive flex formula in a transparent pay-as-you-use model, Workplace as a Service. In addition to the hardware itself, WpaaS also includes a number of managed services, from various support services to the maintenance and replacement of workstation devices.

“As always, our ambition is to unburden the customer as much as possible,” says Mommaert. “But of course, the customer decides exactly how far they want to go in this unburdening. Depending on their specific needs and financial resources, we offer various packages from which they can choose as they see fit."

Benefits at a glance

The benefits of such a WpaaS formula are as numerous as they are definite, first and foremost for the workplace users themselves, who can work smoothly in their familiar digital work environment anytime, anywhere. But it also benefits the CIO, the CFO and even the HR manager. For example, switching from a capex to an opex model for ICT spending allows the CFO to manage costs more efficiently, and often at substantial savings.

The HR manager can boast of having more satisfied employees who are easier to train, even remotely. The innovative WpaaS concept also provides an additional incentive to attract new and above all, young employees, who will always have in it a modern ICT toolbox tailored to their needs. Last but not least, WpaaS also helps to get new employees trained and up and running quickly. This proved especially useful during the COVID pandemic, when mandatory work from home was the order of the day and even onboarding had to be done remotely.

“Partly because of that pandemic and the resulting scarcity of parts and products, many organizations have been purchasing all kinds of hardware in a hurried, panicked way over the past few years. Not all that hardware was equally easy to implement,” recalls Mommaert. “What's worse is that they are often also saddled with a very heterogeneous PC fleet, which is also not always easy to manage. Thanks to our WpaaS solution, their CIO has already been relieved of this worrisome situation. After all, we are taking over the management of their PC inventory.”

Three financial formulas

“In fact, thanks to our new, expanded WpaaS offering, the CIO can restandardize a heterogeneous PC inventory,” continues Mommaert. To this end, Inetum-Realdolmen is launching the Buy Back formula, where it takes over the customer's depreciated devices under a WpaaS agreement and pays them the residual value of those devices, generating extra cash for them. The acquired devices can then be replaced by new ones that strengthen the homogeneity of their PC inventory.

In a second formula, Inetum-Realdolmen takes over the customer's devices and then leases them back to the customer. The Sale & Lease Back formula is designed for devices that have not yet been fully depreciated. “We take over the monthly depreciation cost and in turn bill it to the customer within the framework of a WpaaS contract.”

The Flex formula allows the customer to flexibly deploy a number of devices from their PC inventory, lending itself primarily to efficient employee onboarding and offboarding. When an employee leaves the organization, we will pick up his or her device, erase it and put it in stock with us. This allows the customer to set up their own stock– albeit limited–without having to pay for it. At that point, the charges for both the device itself and the associated services also expire. In other words, the customer only pays for what they actually use.”



Integration of WpaaS into Rstore

Customers with a WpaaS contract can order, activate and deactivate devices and services through our Rstore ordering portal: WpaaS in a self-service context, as it were.

“If a new employee starts, the customer can make a choice via our order portal: do they want to reactivate an existing Flex device? Then they can find an overview of all their available Flex devices in the Rstore. Or do they prefer to order a new device within their WpaaS contract? You can compare it to a company car: does the new employee get an existing car from a pool of company vehicles until that car's lease expires, or will they get a new company car right away?” explains Mommaert.

Three commercial option packages

No matter which formula the customer chooses, WpaaS means they never have to go without the necessary workplace equipment again. In addition, the updated, expanded WpaaS offering provides even more flexibility. “To begin with, we re-examined our three fixed service bundles, Basic, Essential, and Advanced (formerly Convenient). The input from our existing customers served as the basis for this optimization exercise, which raises the level of our service even higher."

For example, the Essential package now also includes the necessary updates for drivers and firmware, as well as annual updates for the basic operating system security. In addition to functional support, WpaaS Essential now also provides incident management for the collaborative tools in Office 365. Essential customers also receive a free dashboard for more extensive reporting, to give them a better view of their IT environment and allow them to proactively intervene in this environment from Microsoft Intune. In turn, customers who choose WpaaS Advanced enjoy increased security. In addition to vulnerability scans, they also have the ability to back up their end-user data.

Another illustration of the the WpaaS offering’s new, increased flexibility is that customers may add one or more optional services to each of the three bundles, including provision of workplace equipment, Microsoft 365 licenses and carbon-neutral certificates. For the last, Inetum-Realdolmen is working with a new partner: ClimatePartner, who measure a company’s, product’s or service’s carbon footprint based on its CO2 impact. With more than six thousand customers in sixty countries, ClimatePartner provides the most widely distributed label when it comes to sustainability.

Want to know more about our updated WpaaS formula?

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