Stop and think about innovation in order to move forward

6 June 2019


How often do you take the time to consciously stop and fully immerse yourself in a certain problem? Probably not often, even though you may well have quite a few challenges on your list that would benefit greatly from you doing so. Focusing on innovation is crucial. That's why our experts make time to stop and think about innovation with you at our monthly Innovation Thursday sessions.

A visit to the candy store

The fast evolution of technology is creating an infinite number of new possibilities, but is also making your choices more complex. Which technology will deliver the most value to your business? What may appear as an overcrowded candy store at first can quickly lead to a sugar overdose if the technologies are not handled with care. So what do your company and your customers need exactly? There is no 'one size fits all', so you need to rely on experts who know exactly which candy will be the most enjoyable for you.

The perfect conditions for your ideas

We will look at a wide range of innovative technologies together at our monthly Innovation Thursday sessions. Our domain experts will explain their vision and will be happy to talk to you about your projects, challenges and needs. We will also take you on a discovery tour of our FabLab, an innovation center with working demos. You will have the opportunity to see use cases using the latest technologies applied to different sectors. The objective is to create the right conditions for you to steer your business in the right direction for an unexpected yet well-managed stroke of luck. The best ideas often lie dormant in our brains for quite some time. Only by giving those ideas enough time and attention and by creating the right circumstances can we shape and hone them.


Chatbot technology as our central guest

The first Innovation Thursday focused on a lot of innovative technologies such as AI, blockchain, Internet of Things, chatbots, computer vision and AR/VR. Our domain experts provided high-level explanations and then answered participants' questions in a round table discussion. The next Innovation Thursday on June 20 will have chatbot technology as its central topic. We will focus on some use cases, show you a live demo and highlight some important dos and don'ts.

Meet chatbot technology

Discover the program for the next Innovation Thursday on 20th June.

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