The right DNA match is more important than the right degree

27 July 2022

Vitamine R

We're eager to welcome even more new colleagues to our ranks this year. To make that happen, we need new and innovative strategies, not least because the competition is going after the same talent. We talked with our recruitment team about this. Their main advice? A degree is fine, but that's not all that matters.

Thinking outside the box in today's world

Alongside an engaging job, our employees have a huge impact on the lives of all our customers every day. Working with us means being flexible in terms of time and place, having ample training opportunities, benefiting from a flexible income plan, and more. We also like to surprise our employees and candidates with things they couldn't have seen coming. For example, our Salesforce team went to the airport to pick up a new colleague coming from the US, and the Microsoft Power Platform team spontaneously organized a team evening to convince a candidate to join us.

Viral on TikTok

We're no strangers to employer branding, and we have lots of things planned for the coming year. Articles in De Tijd and cool social media posts are just two examples. In addition, we're reaching out to specific target groups for the first time ever. We're experimenting with TikTok and even thinking about working with a gaming platform. These digital channels allow us to get in touch with young graduates and introduce them to our acADDemICTs program.

A smoother application process

We will also be taking a closer look at our job application process this year. Get it wrong and we risk losing a lot of candidates along the way. We aim to offer every candidate a smooth, unique experience. How? By focusing on transparency and assuming a coaching role. Instead of grueling interviews, we want to look together at how someone can fit into our organization. Everybody should emerge from the process feeling inspired and energized.

Opportunities for all

Finally, we want to open ourselves up to a wider range of candidates. The right motivation and an ability to pick things up quickly are at least as important to us as having the right degree. We need to look beyond the stereotypical image of an IT expert. If someone knows the industry or has a feel for technology, we're happy to explore what we can mean for each other. We're also making this vision a reality in our own recruitment team. Jef, one of our recruiters, used to be an electrician and studied sociology. He may not sound like a born recruiter, but he proves otherwise every day! Likewise, Elisabeth Buekers is not a typical ITer: "With my background as a nurse, I understand the challenges in the health care sector better than most. As a health care consultant, I guide our customers towards a digital future that improves the health care of tomorrow."

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