IT as a Service: the new normal?

IT as a Service: the new normal?

22 September 2023

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As significant long-term investments aren't at all conducive to taking an agile approach, more and more companies are purchasing their ICT resources on an ad hoc basis when they actually need them. By putting flexibility right at the heart of its service offering, Inetum-Realdolmen is also meeting this new, growing customer need, in workplaces, data centers and networks.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, being agile is paramount. You can make a difference by being able to shift gears in the blink of an eye. Yet significant long-term investments, however one-off they are, inevitably threaten to undermine this crucial ability.

Pay for use

That's why companies are increasingly choosing short-term purchase or rentals of necessary resources from specialized suppliers, rather than through conventional procurement. They pay only for the use of such resources based on a predetermined price and without any hidden costs. In the best-case scenario, they no longer have to worry about the implementation, configuration, management, maintenance, security and monitoring of their ICT environment. This allows companies to reduce their investment costs (capex) and create additional financial freedom.

At the same time, companies also need continuity in times of uncertainty. However,  increasingly swapping one-off investment costs for recurring operational expenses (opex) doesn't have to threaten that continuity, particularly if you're working with the right partner. That's why, in addition to stability and reliability, Inetum-Realdolmen also guarantees a broad, flexible range of services tailored to its customers' actual needs and wishes. From the workplace to the data center, Inetum-Realdolmen is fully embracing the new normal!

workplace as a service

Outsourcing in the workplace

As the modern workplace is becoming increasingly digitized, companies can outsource the design and care of the workplace with ease. With Workplace as a Service (WpaaS), Inetum-Realdolmen has long been offering a services bundle in a transparent pay-per-use model.

As the name suggests, Workplace as a Service facilitates and simplifies the purchase, configuration, management and maintenance of workplace ICT tools. This not only includes PCs, but also printers and other peripherals, smartphones and software (such as operating systems and antivirus programs). In addition to the hardware and software, WpaaS also includes a number of managed services, from a range of support services to maintenance and  replacement of the workstation devices if necessary. People as the key to success.

WpaaS is available in three fixed packages and can be financed through three different plans to allow customers to pick their best option from a financial perspective. They can also add one or more optional services to each of these plans to further increase the offer's flexibility. These additional services include supplying on-the-job equipment, providing Microsoft 365 licenses and ensuring employees are using them effectively and efficiently, and carbon-neutral certificates for customers opting for CO2 offsetting.

After all, what use are the theoretical advantages of the modern workplace if employees aren't putting them into practice? The successful adaptation of the modern workplace stands or falls with the right change management. The ultimate goal is to have empowered employees who are engaged, self-reliant and productive.

Outsourcing infrastructure

The direct impact of the WpaaS concept is obviously most tangible and visible for workplace users, although CFOs, HR managers and CIOs, to name a few, can also benefit. Moreover, Inetum-Realdolmen also has lots to offer in terms of the underlying IT infrastructure.

With our Infrastructure as a Service offering, under the name YrCloud, we bring our wide-ranging cloud experience to our customers' own, local data centers. This means customers no longer have to choose between the public cloud and an on-premises infrastructure, as they enjoy the best of both worlds.

YrCloud: private/edge cloud as a service

With YrCloud, customers swap the traditional, trusted capex model for technology investments for the modern opex model that's typical of the cloud. In the case of YrCloud, we also provide the necessary servers and storage in our customers' own data centers, and manage them on the customers' behalf. Customers then use our infrastructure – in their own data center – according to the public cloud consumption model, where you only pay for what you use. Or, perhaps even more importantly, you don't pay for what you don't use.

Network as a Service

And it doesn't stop there. Did you know that you can also purchase your company network as a service from us? With our Network as a Service (NaaS) offering, we guarantee that your network will have sufficient capacity to cope with any sudden growth. At the same time, we help you to avoid investing in capacity today that you may no longer need tomorrow.

Network as a Service

Thanks to our pay-per-use plans with fixed monthly rates, you also benefit from lower costs and less administration. You will always have a modern, efficient and reliable network at your disposal that features space for tomorrow's developments.

Our IT as a Service offering is designed to enable you to fully leverage digital transformation. It will allow you to make real progress in building your "digital future" while staying one step ahead of the competition.

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