Inetum sets its sights on protecting citizens' data and their digital communications with two new framework agreements

18 April 2024

Smals has awarded two framework agreements to Inetum Belgium. These agreements strengthen the safety and integrity of citizens' data and digital communication channels.

Partnering with Commvault for a government protected from cyber threats

For the third time in a row, Inetum is trusted to put its shoulders to the wheel on the Commvault contract. This is a framework agreement for the delivery of Commvault Cloud backup software, maintenance and support, technical expertise services and training. An important step for many Federal Customers is that from now on Commvault Cloud's SaaS solution can also be ordered. This agreement is valid for the next 4 years.

The contract renewal is a testament to Inetum's extensive experience, deep knowledge of the environment and Commvault's highest certifications. As the only Market Builder solution provider in Belgium and a Premier Partner of Commvault, Inetum's commitment to investing in cutting-edge solutions is clear. Moreover, as one of the few Commvault Authorized Support Partners (CASP) in the region, Inetum offers direct support, including CASP Foundation partner services, in Belgium's national languages.

Secure digital communication with GlobalSign

In late March, Smals also awarded the market for digital Certificates to Inetum and GlobalSign. The framework agreement includes the acquisition of digital Certificates used as digital seals and signatures, along with the procurement of a user and certificate management interface. Certificates will be stored securely on a Hardware Security Module (HSM) and applied to digital Documents, including PDF files.

The exclusive partnership between Inetum and GlobalSign, a renowned expert in digital security solutions, played a crucial role in securing this deal. GlobalSign's expertise in providing digital certificates for websites, emails and other online services ensures robust security measures for citizens' online interactions.

The specifications of this agreement allow for centralized purchasing functionality, enabling numerous federal customers to integrate this solution.

With these two framework agreements, Inetum confirms its commitment to strengthening the digital government landscape and ensuring the safety and reliability of citizens' data and digital communication channels.


About Commvault

Commvault gives you an unfair advantage to ensure resilience against ransomware and other advanced threats in today's hybrid world - and tomorrow's. Commvault Cloud's unique architecture is built for the hybrid world: zero trust security at every layer, cloud-isolated immutability, AI-driven early warning, automated risk scanning and more.

About GlobalSign

GlobalSign is an identity services provider offering cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions for enterprises seeking to conduct secure commerce, communication, content delivery and interactions in and across communities. Our identity and security solutions enable businesses, large enterprises, cloud-based service providers and IoT innovators around the world to securely conduct online communications, manage millions of authenticated digital identities and automate authentication and encryption.

About Inetum

Inetum is a digital services and solutions company. The Group is present in more than 27 Countries, has nearly 28,000 employees and achieved a turnover of 2.4 billion euros in 2022. In a context where needs and applications are constantly reinvented, the Inetum Group supports companies and public authorities in their digital transformation by offering them a unique combination of intimacy, sector-specific organization and innovative solutions. With its multi-specialist profile, Inetum centers its organization around 4 Global Business Lines: Inetum Consulting, Inetum Technologies, Inetum Solutions and Inetum Software.


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