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5 reasons to start your Dynamics migration and transformation journey today

21 August 2023

Customer Experience

     By Martin Smit, Microsoft D365 Solution Manager

A recent article on “reversed cloud migrations” caught my attention. Apparently there is a number of companies shifting back from Cloud to on-premise. The word “cloud repatriation” was used in that context. The arguments used to “return home” were related to costs, security and loss of control. And still, here we are, asking you get your head out of the clouds and embrace a cloud strategy in the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365.  


If today, you are working with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise version, don’t fear. You are not alone. Maybe there are good arguments why you did not change your strategy yet. But here are some arguments that might influence your current decision.  

  • Access to the latest features & updates. But why is this important? It gives following advantages: 
    • Improved user experience 
    • Stay ahead of the curve and competition with changing demands from your customers and market 
    • Increased security 
    • Reduced IT overhead 
  • Lower costs. We can’t explain it better than the visual beneath this paragraph does. 
  • Integration with your other popular tools like O365 (now M365), Power Platform, Power BI and so much more. Find the constructive collaboration between CRM and Teams or Outlook.  
  • Increased flexibility and scalability. It allows you to increase or decrease the number of users, add storage and modify the platform to your needs.  
  • Enhanced security. Maybe we should have mentioned this at the top of the list because you don’t want to miss out on critical security updates that might jeopardize your business. 

Where to start?

Connect to a partner you trust and that will guide you with competence and vision. Look beyond a pure “lift and shift” migration approach, which is about migrating your application and associated data to the cloud with minimal or no changes. Turn your migration into a transformation, or even better, lay the foundation for a new way of getting into a Digital Flow. After all, change is the constant factor, and the most adaptive companies will survive and thrive.  
Be sure to create a futureproof roadmap that includes different departments, not just IT. It is of utmost importance that you empower your employees to leverage customer engagement by showing operational excellence.  

How can we help?

Together with our partner Microsoft we offer an attractive program to make your journey even more interesting. You can read this section on the Microsoft Learn section to get much more details on this program. 

Let us already give you a sneak preview since you took the time to read the full article. Our approach includes a Migration Assessment complemented by a solid assessment report that will turn out to be a valuable document for your decision. To make the service after more clear, we have created our own migration packages in T-shirt sizes (S, M and XL). Rest assured, they will fit your organization like other organizations experienced already 1st hand. We can support you in a pure lift and shift migration but also create the momentum for a more fundamental change. Allow us to refer to our Awareness & Design approach and our commitment to deliver true value by connecting people, process and technology.  

We almost conclude with a last reference to a very interesting read on the total economic impact of Migrating Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 in the Cloud.







Searching for more information?

If your company is still using Microsoft Dynamics CRM/AX on-premises and you are wondering if migration to Dynamics 365 (online) could be necessary or useful, here is some information to get you started.