Whitepaper Hybrid Cloud

Whitepaper Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud: the best of all worlds

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By now, nearly everyone knows what the cloud is and how to work with it. But have you already thought about the what the cloud will be able to do for your company in the future? There’s a good chance your company is using the cloud to collaborate better and back up all your data. But the cloud is much more than just a storage place that can be accessed from multiple accounts. If you want to develop a lasting cloud strategy, you have to take three main issues into account: privacy, customer intimacy and long-term planning.


Privacy is no longer just an issue for the healthcare sector; all companies are becoming increasingly aware of the strict privacy legislation in Europe. The fact that servers are often located outside this territory can sometimes cause confusion. According to European regulations, your company is obliged to protect your customers’ data as much as possible. So look for a certified partner who can provide you with the necessary guarantees and take care of your concerns.

Customer intimacy

We notice that the majority of customers aren’t looking for just a provider; they want an integrator. They want to be well informed and need help actively looking for best solution, made to measure. ‘Partner managed clouds’ give both parties a voice and transparency. You can determine the level of control together with your partner. A good provider shows you the way through this complex issue.

Long-term planning

You should also be aware that an investment in the cloud needs to continuing playing to your advantage in the long term. We advise working out a flexible hybrid cloud system with your provider, and deciding together with them what can and must happen in the long term. Draw up a cloud roadmap; an estimate of the costs and services that you can expect over the coming years. And don’t forget to make clear agreements with your cloud partner about what happens with the data at the end of the collaboration. Most providers offer to give you back your data in a physical form.

Do you want to know more about the cloud’s possibilities? Then download our white paper about the perfect hybrid cloud.