Give remote workers simple, secure access to your business applications for higher productivity with Awingu

Give remote workers simple, secure access to your business applications for higher productivity with Awingu

18 May 2022

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Jeroen Van Hecke, Senior System Engineer, Inetum-Realdolmen

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, many organizations were forced to switch to working from home. Countless applications and data moved over to the cloud, but not all. That brings us to our current problem: how to ensure simple, secure remote access to these applications without sacrificing too much in the way of productivity? As remote working appears to be here to stay, our expert explains what makes Awingu worth considering compared to the various established alternatives.

Research (a study by Ugent - NL) shows that remote working is increasingly popular and that employees see it as the main new way of working. Other research (a study by Tempo-Team and KU Leuven - NL/FR) reveals that in practice, at many organizations, people cannot yet work from home securely and in comfort. There are plenty of solutions available on the market to help achieve this, however. According to Jeroen Van Hecke, Senior System Engineer Intelligent Workplace, Awingu can allow for important progress in this regard. 

Secure access 

"Often, the solutions in current use are based on improvisation and not very secure at all," says Jeroen. "Employees get handed unmanaged devices with which to set up a VPN. Or worse yet, they are assigned a procedure to set up a VPN using their own BYOD devices." Another one we still run into quite frequently is RDP connections that link directly to a computer somewhere in the office. One characteristic and weakness of many of these so-called solutions is a lack of MFA, or multi-factor authentication.

Awingu is a product that is excellently suited to helping organizations secure their environment. That applies to both new and existing environments. This technology can provide secure access to a wide range of company applications and data. It is based on a 'Zero Trust' model, trusting nothing outside your own environment, and offers built in multi-factor authentication.


"Employees are free to use whatever device they want, even unmanaged BYOD devices," adds Jeroen. A simple, browser-based sign-in procedure then grants them access to a virtual desktop or remote apps. Users have equally easy access to file shares and web apps. 

Awingu also allows for a single, neat overview of all applications and important file locations, both internally and externally. That means there's no more need for endless searches for apps among various weblinks and portals. "The great thing is that nothing is local to the user," explains Jeroen Van Hecke. "Everything remains safely within the company. Users can only access those specific apps and files they are authorized to see." Your organization determines which access rights to grant each user and when. You could decide to disable copy/paste and print functionalities for external users, for instance.

Awingu can count on over 25 years of expertise, during which the company has continued to evolve. One of their slogans is, "Friends don't let friends use VPN." Clearly, VPN connections are no longer the best remote working solution

Fast and simple

Rolling out Awingu in an existing environment is a matter of a few hours for a basic configuration. It will run on top of your existing environment, without impacting access to that environment. Granting users access is even faster, as there's no need to install any additional software. Users log in to the Awingu workspace using a simple, browser-based process.

Awingu offers a rich array of features to help configure and secure every environment individually. The following image provides an overview of these features. 

A few features that make the difference to our expert:

  • Excellent ease of use in HTML5
  • MFA integration
  • Multi-monitor support in browser
  • Smartcard support
Awingu features

Added value

Inetum-Realdolmen is always looking for solutions that deliver real added value for customers. They constantly review many different solutions relating to the modern workplace and location-independent working. "There's currently a growing demand for remote working solutions that are both simple and secure. The coronavirus crisis has also put significant pressure on IT budgets in many organizations. With Awingu, we aren't just offering a solution that works from a functional perspective, it's also budget-friendly," says Johan De Smet, Business Line Manager, Intelligent Workplace. Reason enough for Inetum-Realdolmen to enter into a formal partnership with Awingu last year. Customers such as the City of Geraardsbergen have already reaped the benefits. (link:

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