Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

A complete solution for your finances

  • Manage your financial and project-related activities easily and efficiently.
  • Use a flexible calculation scheme and dimensions in a simple way.
  • Be versatile when it comes to changing financial and legal regulations and reporting via no-coding configuration.
  • Monitor your performance through budget management, financial planning and analyzes.



Take control of your company's financial performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is a comprehensive software platform for financial management and accounting that meets the requirements of the most complex business structures, such as those of multinationals. The financial accounting modules are closely integrated with the project management modules. You will quickly see data entered by your employees as transactions flow through the system. Transparency is immediately improved, thanks in part to the integrated Power BI.

Core accounting

Take advantage of integrated accounting modules such as general ledger, banking, accounts payable and outgoing accounts.

Electronic banking

Create a direct link with your banks to integrate electronic banking with CODA, SEPA payments & ISABEL banking software.

Budgeting & planning

Use an integrated budgeting and planning solution to manage your budgeting and forecasting processes.

Fixed asset management

Track the entire life cycle of your fixed assets from acquisition to termination.

Taxes and duties

Management of VAT, reverse charge and other global tax requirements.

Consolidation & multi-layer reporting

Quickly consolidate legal entities (including elimination rules) and generate management & financial reports that comply with all common international standards (US GAAP, IFRS, etc.).

Internal audit

Built-in features available for segregation of duties, audit policies and other compliance initiatives.

A clear view on each project

Manage the entire life cycle of your projects. Streamline your financial, budgeting and project-related processes. Optimize resource management and shine a light on what is needed to maximize profitability.

Project estimate

Build accurate project estimates using embedded costs and billing rates, estimation templates, and WBS tools.

Work breakdown structure

Create detailed lists of tasks at an infinite level of detail in the Microsoft Project WBS style.

Project budget management

Use an embedded budgeting and planning solution to manage your budgeting and forecasting processes.


Find the most suitable workforce and plan future resource requirements using embedded resource forecasting and planning tools.

Time and cost management

Enter and approve project time and costs quickly. You can also gain access from your mobile devices.

Revenue recognition

This feature provides a flexible framework for accurately spreading or allocating revenue to predefined periods.


Automate the invoice generation, review and approval cycle with integrated invoice work flows and highly flexible formatting options for your invoices.

Project management

Give your project managers the tools they need to deliver projects successfully, including approvals for project transactions, progress monitoring, revenue analysis, project reports, analyzes and more.

Project collaboration

Use Office 365 tools such as SharePoint and Yammer to improve communication and collaboration within both internal and external project teams.