Spend less time looking up information

More than an informal chat

Including social apps in your ICT planning means a lot more than just giving your employees a platform for informal chats, likes and shares. We use these tools to help your employees work more efficiently. We’ll suggest social apps in every long-term plan that we draw up together with you. We follow developments closely and are always on the lookout for the specific added value in your situation. Social will be an important component of your ICT strategy – you can count on that.

Share knowledge and experiences faster

Users spend an average of half an hour every day trying to find the right information. A social platform allows your employees to share and update the work documents they need more easily. All employees can benefit from a professional social platform to monitor and contribute to documents or projects. Still can’t find the right information quickly? With a social platform, everyone can ask informal questions to an available colleague quickly and easily.

Know what your colleagues are working on

Social apps give your employees a better idea of what their colleagues are working on. A quick status update or valuable suggestion can be shared and read quickly and easily. This means employees can ask each other very specific questions straight away, and so save even more time trying to find the right information.

To get there, together!

Let us know how we can help. We’ll happily take your ICT concerns off your hands and work together with you on your organisation’s future.

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