Finance & Operations Performance

Finance & Operations Performance

We can, must and want to do better. Back office services such as Finance, Operations or Supply Chain often receive less of an organization's attention than front office services that are in direct contact with customers. Back offices frequently end up lethargic, outdated and unprepared for change. These services don't always take advantage of the possibilities offered by cloud computing. And that's a lost opportunity, as your weakest links will slow down your growth and make for a longer road to success.

Inetum-Realdolmen's experts are here to listen, offer advice and help you improve your back office and ERP systems and prepare them for the future.


Customer centricity

The quality of your back office services affects the customer experience. Easy interaction with a company will increase customer loyalty.


Navigating with useful data

When you combine data from different parts of your organization, this can reveal many useful insights. You can even make better decisions by using forecasts.

Operational excellence

The right processes, supported by the right tools, will increase productivity, reduce costs and improve your competitive advantage.


Higher integration and collaboration

When you opt for far-reaching system integration within your organization, you facilitate seamless collaboration between departments. Your customers see you as a single entity, but are you really?

It's all about your digital flow

To stay mobile and be able to respond to your customers' ever-changing needs with resilience, it's important to have a broad scope of activities. You need to focus on your current operations while also experimenting with tomorrow. We refer to this process of continuous movement as a digital flow. We offer several approaches to keep the flow going:


We'll use your strategy as a base to inspire you with possible solutions fully adapted to your situation and goals.


We'll incorporate your strategy into your daily activities.


Have us handle your operational tasks.


We'll take your processes and tasks to the next level.

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