Sustainability in practice at HP

29 August 2022

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HP opts for a sustainable impact. Whether it's keeping a close eye on suppliers or extensive reuse and recycling programs, HP takes an active approach to sustainability and making a sustainable impact. Inetum-Realdolmen is keen to take part in these initiatives. After all, achieving the goal of having a truly sustainable solution can only succeed if the entire chain is on board.

When it comes to waste, having the heating on in the summer, lights on during the day or a leaky tap are a few examples that immediately come to mind. But what about a server whose capacity is only half-used or a printer that uses more energy on warming up than actually printing?

From laptops to datacenters and networks, the technology organizations use today in their daily operations have a significant impact on their carbon footprints. And the energy consumption of businesses' IT systems is expected to triple by 2025 compared to 2010 figures.

Sustainability is no longer a hype. "We see how customers’ requests are changing," says Johnny Smets, General Manager at ICT service provider Inetum-Realdolmen. "It's no longer just about the functionalities offered by and the price of a solution. Sustainability is gaining in significance when it comes to investment decisions. Customers purchasing laptops, for example, also ask about our strategy for recycling the devices. We also discuss this with our suppliers, as they too have their role to play here. That's why we support and encourage a range of initiatives run by our partners."

HP opts for a sustainable impact

Whether it's keeping a close eye on suppliers or extensive reuse and recycling programs, HP takes an active approach to sustainability and making a sustainable impact. Their sustainability strategy relies on the three pillars of sustainability: Planet, People and Community.

Workplace as a service

First and foremost, the partnership between HP and Inetum-Realdolmen offers HP devices in a Workplace as a Service plan. This offers customers the guarantee of a certain uptime or output, with the added benefit of knowing that devices will be decommissioned in the correct way at the end of their life cycle and that the right end of life option will be chosen.

Supporting flexible working

Like us, HP is a firm believer in flexible working. Flexible working leads to less mobility and requires less office space, which in turn means offices can be smaller and therefore use less materials and energy. Employees who tend to work anywhere and anytime also reduce their business mileage and CO₂ emissions, while they are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction at the same time.

Energy-efficient printers

A third specific area HP focuses on when it comes to sustainability is printing – and everything else that entails. HP has invested in making its printers more energy-efficient for decades. As a result, their devices have become ever faster and increasingly energy efficient. HP is always looking for innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their printers in other ways, too.

As an example, they offer toner cartridges with a lower melting temperature for the ink. This means energy consumption is significantly lower than in previous models thanks to the reduced need for heating. The HP Managed Print Services we offer in collaboration with HP offer customers complete peace of mind when it comes to printing as well as lower emissions and energy consumption.

ranking HP sustainability

Recognizing sustainability

All these efforts are clearly bearing fruit. As an example, HP was recognized as a leader in Quocirca's latest sustainability report (June 2022). This shows that HP is ahead of the competition by taking action to ensure that the company has a carbon-neutral approach by 2030.


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