Smart Machines

Smart Machines

Respond to changes faster, more correctly and more securely

No ICT without IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a thing of the future anymore; it’s a reality that’s already here. More and more machines, devices, appliances and other systems are being equipped with smart sensors and connectors, so they can share information with each other via the internet. The huge amount of data that this connected world is producing forms the foundation for new applications and business models. For many organisations an IoT strategy has become an essential component of the general ICT strategy, and Realdolmen has a pioneering role in this.

More Secure and More Efficient

The evolution of the IoT is closely linked to the emergence of another trend: Smart Machines. These machines work autonomously and are often more secure and efficient than people carrying out the same tasks. Consider for example smart robots in the automobile and construction industries, drones that provide emergency assistance or deliver goods, or self-driving vehicles. But they can also be very small objects such as sensors or wearables. Experts don’t expect smart machines to replace people completely, because we’re still required to ‘steer the ship’, so they’ll mainly be used to improve efficiency in business processes.

Smart and Helpful

The gap between the IoT and smart machines is bridged by Big Data, the huge amount of data generated by all these objects communicating with each other. This creates a ‘connected world’ in which all sorts of changing environmental factors can be detected, captured and fed directly into the smart machines. Thankfully these smart machines use artificial intelligence to interpret this Big Data in real time in a useful way, so they determine for themselves how to use all this incoming information. This means smart machines can also be virtual machines or so-called Virtual Personal Assistants, such as Siri or Cortana, the software from Apple and Microsoft respectively.

Impact on Numerous Sectors

Smart Machines are self-learning; they use so-called Autonomous Machine Learning Algorithms to help us respond faster, more correctly and more securely to changes in our day-to-day activities. This will have an impact on various sectors – think for example of the automobile industry, education, communications, fraud prevention, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and so on. Our personal lives won’t escape all this either. Realdolmen is working very actively – using a co-creation and ecosystem approach – to create added value for you and your customers through the evaluation and implementation of these new possibilities.

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