Self-Service Privileged Identity Management

Self-Service Privileged Identity Management

Protect your privileged accounts with Self-Service PIM

Privileged accounts: a challenge?

Privileged accounts are widespread in all IT environments, including the cloud. In fact, from IT administrators to privileged users to external suppliers, they all use their privileged accounts to access critical information systems. What's more, in many cases, these accounts have taken on a permanent nature. For your employees, the accounts represent a convenient and fast workflow. Cybercriminals, however, consider them to be interesting targets. If criminals get their hands on such authorizations, they can navigate through all kinds of servers undetected, gain access to confidential information, and make changes at the administrative level to business-critical applications and systems.

Many recent cyberattacks have involved the misuse of privileged accounts by cybercriminals. However, malicious insiders can also abuse their position without anyone else in the company realizing it. To win this battle as an organization, you need a solution that protects, tracks and manages all your privileged accounts. This is exactly what Inetum-Realdolmen offers with SSPIM: Self-Service Privileged Identity Management. 

Our solution: Self-Service Privileged Identity Management (SSPIM)

Self-Service PIM helps you to reduce the number of privileged accounts. Plus, the solution also ensures that privileged accounts are valid for only a limited period and grants the authorization on a just-in-time basis. That's how Self-Service PIM makes a difference. 

Self-Service Privileged Identity Management consists of three main components:


Management dashboard

A management dashboard to determine which users can have which privileges for a certain duration

Web application

A web application, hosted in the cloud, that enables users to request escalation of their privileges
On prem

On-premises agent

On-premises agents that follow up on escalation requests

The web application and management console of Self-Service Privileged Identity Management are SaaS applications, fully managed by Inetum-Realdolmen. The web application has no direct connection to your organization's physical infrastructure. The only integration with your IT environment is with the Azure Active Directory tenant for authentication and authorization purposes. 

The management dashboard lets you monitor all privilege escalations and dynamically query control data. Administrators can schedule the receipt of control information as needed.

Our expert reviews Self-Service Privileged Identity Management

What is Self-Service Privileged Identity Management and how to position the application compared to other PIM solutions?

Advantages in a nutshell

Self-Service Privileged Identity Management…

... reduces your attack surface.
... provides low-threshold integration into your organization.
... is easy to use.
... is affordable.
... provides useful insights.

Self-Service Privileged Identity Management is a mechanism that allows authorized users to take their privileges to a higher level. You achieve a higher level of authorization through your presence in AD groups. With Self-Service PIM, you gain complete control over access management within your department by being able to add only those users to the group who have the corresponding authorization.

Learn about Self-Service Privileged Identity Management

The introduction videos below give an idea of how Self-Service Privileged Identity Management works, both in terms of installation, use and management.

How to install and configure Self-Service
PIM for the first time?

How to use Self-Service PIM?


How to configure and manage Self-Service PIM?

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