smart city

Smart City

Deliver better services to residents by introducing innovative technologies in your city.

Cities and municipalities are facing a range of challenges, such as traffic congestion, air pollution and migration flows. To provide a sustainable response to these challenges, we need to make progress in terms of information gathering, organization and services. The ultimate goal is to provide residents with a pleasant living environment.

For some time now, 'Smart City' has been advocated as the answer to such issues. Efficiency can be increased by reviewing the processes and infrastructure in six social domains (quality of life, environment, governance, economy, transport and society).

Smart City

Technology as a lever

Technology is a powerful tool that facilitates evolution into a Smart City. Data is now critical in this respect. It is important to combine (sensor) datasets to extract information that can be used in an application offering added value to citizens. Three technological layers are needed in order to achieve this.

Digital data

What would you like to measure and/or adjust? Data is an important requirement. It is the raw material used for developing smart services. Big data generated in house and open data from the government are fed into the applications that are ultimately developed.


Infrastructure includes all the facilities you need to make the digital data available: sensors, telecommunication networks and data centers.

Software applications

The application puts a smart layer on top of the data and offers this new information in a clear way.

Our expertise

We have answers for you in terms of data capture, infrastructure and applications. We have developed a multipurpose platform that can convert data into smart data. The platform is also a place where smart services can be offered to third parties in a marketplace. For example, your collected data may be a valuable source for a transport company's smart services. We also create customized applications to help you overcome local challenges.

What else can we do for you?

Collaboration is the message

Smart City projects are often set up by multiple cities, on a provincial level or even by the Flemish government. Collaboration offers economies of scale. We understand this. Realdolmen is an active member of umbrella organizations such as Smart City Vlaanderen, Mobilidata and De Blauwe Cluster. We work together with other specialists and consider various initiatives, so that we may help to invest in the future.

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