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Smart City

Cities and municipalities deal with a wide range of challenges in contexts that include mobility, the environment and their residents. To be able to respond proactively to such challenges, they need to improve their data collection, organization and services.

Smart City initiatives can help to achieve this. Technology is an important lever in providing solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of cities and municipalities.

Smart City

Some Smart City applications in practice

slim parkeren

Smart parking

In Harelbeke, smart cameras support an open parking management system. The cameras detect occupied parking spaces, the vehicle type and length of occupancy. The municipality can use an application or digital signage at street entrances to share this information.

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Smart traffic

This image shows a street with vehicles waiting in line for a recycling center. Processing the camera images allows us to determine the number of vehicles. When combined with additional cameras set up along the entry and exit routes, the center's manager can monitor exactly how many vehicles are inside.


Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is of increasing concern. Image analysis helps identify changes and detect anomalies. Managers can then use a portal to access the results and take immediate action as needed.


Our expertise as a trusted partner

We translate your needs into suitable solutions and services. We take care of today's issues, while giving you room to work on smarter future policies. We believe in the value of good ecosystems, as cooperation that transcends boundaries is much more efficient.

We can offer you answers for data capture, infrastructure and applications. We have developed a Smart City data platform to convert data into smart data. This is the resource you need to solve complex issues.


Use these elements to build a successful Smart City  

City of the Future Roadmap & Consultancy

You can't look to the future if you don't know what you have today. We chart your progress towards a Smart City on strategic, tactical and operational levels. Then we determine your next steps together, based on where you are now. We translate ideas into possible approaches and explore ways to optimize your internal organization.

City Monitoring

There is always a lot going on within the borders of a city or municipality. We use the City of Things to add data collection hardware. Using so-called on-edge processing, we convert images and other sensor data into information for presentation in a dashboard or report or as part of a Digital Twin.

Connected Cities

Data is an interesting and versatile resource. By making it available as open data, using standard interfaces and with support by the right data models, it can provide insights that transcend boundaries.

City IT Modernization

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the use of data to control operations, actively and, insofar possible, automatically, has moved beyond science fiction. Examples include the optimization of energy consumption in buildings and updating signage to reflect current events. 

Smart Mobility

We all participate in traffic every day, making use of countless options to travel from place to place. A Smart City offers many ways to optimize resource use in terms of flow, safety and the environment.

Citizen Portals & Mobile Apps

It gives residents better insight into available services and products, both inside and outside municipal or city boundaries. We are ready for the next generation of applications that can offer useful services to users based on their surroundings, and use data to advise them and automate everyday tasks.

City Dashboards & Twins

We use data visualization to create simulations of your city or municipality. This way you can make well-considered, well-founded decisions, based directly on real data.

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Smart City Data Platform

Data is everywhere, but it is only usable within the linked applications. A Smart City Data Platform brings the data together and harmonizes and enriches it through standard models, making it easier to use for other and future applications.

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