SAM as a Service

Software Asset Management

Have you ever taken a moment to consider how many types of software are run at your company over a single day? Management of all these licenses requires a great deal of attention. Software is an important cost item for every company. Are you in control of these costs? The goal is to use the available budget efficiently for active and legal software.

Latent issues

Present software portfolio

It is important to have an overview of all the software used on site. Every employee has their own device on which they can install software as they see fit. Are these activities being done in compliance with company policy, or is there any shadow IT going on?

Reassessing licenses

Does a major software contract need to be renewed soon? Or have you been informed that an audit is in the works? Make sure you are completely prepared. A fine can be expensive in terms of money and damage to the reputation of your company.


Am I paying too much or too little?

If you have superfluous software licenses in your portfolio, you are paying something for nothing. Renewing the right maintenance contracts makes a major difference. On the other hand, upgrading a software package can increase productivity. You are also paying too little if illegal software is present.

Effective use of the software

Requested licenses are not always used. If a dormant icon is evident on an individual's desktop, cost efficiency may not be optimal.

Realdolmen as a one-stop shop

We have the in-house expertise to function as a one-stop shop. You can choose an ITO model and/or have us take care of everything when it comes to software license management. We always work in accordance with a fixed pattern based on the premise that knowledge is power. We draw the necessary conclusions and, if desired, work with you to implement constructive modifications aimed at optimizing the software portfolio.

Complete package of expertise in-house:
  • Access to and knowledge of Snow software. Snow is a global provider of products and services for Software Asset Management (SAM). 
  • Knowledge of licenses. Correct interpretation linked to measurement data.
  • Helping to write the project report. Conclusions from reports serve as a basis for implementing projects aimed at improving performance.
One stop shop

Leave the worries to us


Control of costs

  • You should only pay for software that is actually being used
  • No double renewals
  • Reuse of software licenses
  • Choice of correct user right per software package


  • Complete overview of all software present
  • Everything in order for audits
  • Peace of mind
  • No shadow IT

Project selection

  • Which projects can be carried out in order to reduce costs?
  • Potential projects include considering other licensing models, changing the data center set-up, etc.

Build your own solution

Block 1: Purchase of a Snow software license. Only the license – no more, no less.

Block 2: Storage of data collected by Snow in Rcloud. Your own personal login to view reports guarantees security.

Block 3: Complete package: we go through all the steps together, from loading all the data from your software contracts into the Snow tool through to the management of the operational project. Fully customized in accordance with your wishes.

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