Azure Arc

One management platform for your on-premise and Azure cloud locations

While the public cloud is going strong and many organizations have already moved workloads to Azure, IDC still predicts an additional 25% growth in on-premise servers by 2024. By 2025, 75% of corporate data should be in the edge. The future is clearly both hybrid and multicloud. Microsoft is well aware of this. With Azure Arc, Microsoft is offering a new management platform that combines on-premise and Azure cloud locations into a consistent, unified whole. Just like that, it's become a simple matter to roll out on-premise Azure services or manage on-premise servers in Azure.

What is Azure Arc?

Right now, your activities are dependent on the smooth operation of various servers, containers and applications. To manage them all requires the use of multiple management tools, in multiple environments: on-premise, in the edge and in the cloud. Managing all these hybrid resources can become quite a challenge. 

Azure Arc bundles various technologies, expanding on Azure's 'usual' management and allowing Azure services to run on-premise, in a multicloud environment or in the edge. In doing so, Azure Arc presents the Azure control plane as a single pane of glass for your entire hybrid environment.


  • Simplified management: Use a single dashboard to manage on-premise data centers, virtual servers at other cloud providers or edge locations as if these are Azure resources.
  • Uniform cloud security: Use Azure security tools throughout your IT environment from now on. Secure your on-premise environment with Sentinel Threat Protection.
  • Centralized management of Kubernetes clusters: Centralize the management and deployment of your Kubernetes clusters, regardless of location. 
  • General availability of Azure Services: Roll out Azure Data Services to your various platforms faster and with greater efficiency. Even Azure native applications (based on App Service, Functions and Logic Apps) can be deployed locally.

Curious how Azure Arc could make a difference for you?

During our three-day Azure Arc Discovery Workshop, our experienced consultants give information and inspiration on the possibilities offered by Azure Arc. They focus on which features will add genuine value for your environment. More than that, they use a series of proofs of concept to demonstrate this added value.

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What is Azure Arc and why is it an asset in hybrid environments?

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