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Inetum becomes first Belgian partner of human risk cyber specialist Hoxhunt


Inetum, the European market leader in digital services and solutions, is partnering with Hoxhunt. Inetum’s Belgian customers can now benefit from the services of Hoxhunt as human risk security platform. Specifically, Hoxhunt trains employees of companies by sending adaptive phishing simulations. Employees that report suspicious emails reduce the risk of phishing attacks. They are positively rewarded for their behavior and help to prevent future cyberattacks. Inetum always offers its customers a total package of services, also in the field of cyber security. This collaboration with Hoxhunt makes it possible to complete their range of services. This is fully in line with Inetum's ambition to provide customers with optimal support in the area of cybersecurity, human risk reduction and cybersecurity behavior change.

Inetum attaches great importance to cybersecurity. In order to unburden its customers in this area, the IT service company has partnered with Hoxhunt. Hoxhunt seeks to make employees aware of the dangers of phishing using a positive reward technique leading to behavior change. The adaptive phishing simulations aim to protect companies from potential real attacks such as business email compromise, social engineering, and the dangers of phishing as an effective attack vector for ransomware and account takeovers.

Focus on positive behavioral change

Hoxhunt’s approach is different from that of most other companies, as they emphasize positive rewards for employees flagging suspicious emails and completing micro-trainings. Typically, employees who click on phishing links are reprimanded and are tagged as “bad actor.” Employees dislike and stop any kind of participation in security awareness training, with very low employee engagement as a result.

Sacha Vekeman, Senior Channel Sales Manager at Hoxhunt, explains why Hoxhunt takes a different approach: "We strongly believe in employee engagement and taking a positive approach to security behavior change. If you're punishing employees for their mistakes, you're creating anegative culture, which is detrimental to change. That's why we deliberately choose to reward employees who correctly identify phishing messages. This eventually results in a positive behavior change and a maximal engagement of all employees in the organization to reduce risk from phishing. Our security metrics and reporting dashboards show effective and impactful results to the security leaders of our clients."

Phishing simulations and security awareness training

"We were looking for a collaboration with an independent and impactful IT services company, with the aim of helping corporate customers reduce their risks by managing employee behavior. We do this through effective solutions, based on behavioral science principles, and using data analysis and company-wide automation of phishing simulations and security awareness training. Inetum’s professionals and security specialists ensure extremely high customer satisfaction, while we pride ourselves on having zero customer churn. That’s why we opted for this strategic partnership with Inetum in Belgium," Vekeman emphasizes.  

Mapping the cybersecurity of Belgian companies

"The number of cyberattacks is increasing year after year. From 2020 to 2021, DNS Belgium saw the number of cyber threats rise by no less than 400%. Unfortunately, this number increased even further in 2022 and will continue to do so for 2023. For this reason, as one of the largest IT service companies in Belgium, we believe it is vital to better arm our customers against this. With the help of Hoxhunt, everyone within the company is involved in this process and we see this mobilization as a great added value in combating cyberattacks," says Jo Leemans, Director Infrastructure, Outsourcing & Resell at Inetum in Belgium.

Thanks to employee notifications of potential suspicious messages, Hoxhunt receives a lot of data, ensuring that the company has information about a company’s cybersecurity. Based on that, Hoxhunt advises companies on how to further address their cybersecurity.

"As a leader in user behavior, Hoxhunt is a great added value in our portfolio. By 2030, 80% of companies will have a human-risk management program, compared to only 20% today. So there's still a lot of potential, and we are the first Belgian partner. That’s why this partnership is very interesting for us," Leemans concludes.

About Inetum, focusing on a Positive Digital Flow

Inetum is an agile IT services company providing digital services and solutions, and a global group helping companies and institutions get the most out of the digital flow. In a context of continuous movement, where needs and uses are constantly reinvented, the Inetum Group helps all these players to innovate, adapt and stay ahead. With its multi-expert profile, Inetum offers its customers a unique combination of proximity, sector-based organisation and industrial-quality solutions. The group operates in more than 27 countries, employs nearly 27,000 people and generated a turnover of EUR 2.2 billion in 2021.

About Hoxhunt

Hoxhunt is a people-first cybersecurity platform that protects organizations and their employees from the risk of cyberattacks. It is a high-tech platform with a human touch. Hoxhunt’s cognitive automation matches its adaptive training curriculum to each employee’s skill level, even as it changes, to keep the training interesting. Hoxhunt gives individuals the tools and confidence to recognize and respond to attacks. Hoxhunt gives security teams real-time visibility into threats, so they can respond quickly and limit their spread. The entire platform is autonomous, freeing up a lot of time for security teams to focus on what matters.

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