Microsoft Dynamics 365 Additional Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Additional Capabilities

In addition to the many functional and content-related topics for which Dynamics 365 offers a solution, there are numerous general, overarching functionalities that improve the user experience, e.g. multi-currency and multi-language. As always, ease of use is key here.

Dynamics 365 also offers a solution for more complex organizations with multiple offices. You can count on an ERP that meets both legal and financial requirements within an inter-company across multiple countries.

The functionalities


Enable smarter, faster actions and decisions with role-based workspaces. Embedded interactive data visualization via Power BI provides excellent visibility into key business figures and the ability to zoom in on transactions as a means of monitoring the health of your business and improving performance. Automate and prioritize tasks to save time, reduce errors and get more done with integrated tools and applications you are familiar with, such as Office 365.



Establish, manage and consolidate an unlimited number of legal entities within a single application.


Conduct transactions and report in any currency, with full support for automated exchange rate updates, currency revaluation processes, and more.


View screens and reports in 40 languages.


Flexible project management options.

Inter-company processing

Take advantage of the inter-company possibilities to automate project, resource and financial transactions between legal entities.