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Powerstore, Powerscale, VxRail,… technologies are evolving all the time. To keep growing, you need to continue to optimize your systems and processes. But, what choices, changes and investments do you need to make for this to happen? And, conversely, which should you avoid? Our free data center analysis with Live Optics can answer these questions for you.

What is Live Optics, and what can it deliver for you?

Live Optics is a software tool for data center analysis. This tool allows us to map out your current IT infrastructure. We use its extensive analyses to better understand your environment, optimize your IT investments and evaluate growth opportunities more easily. We offer this service free of charge.

To give you an idea of what to expect from this tool, we have provided a sample report. Live Optics automatically collects real-time data on individual storage, data protection, server and file systems and brings it together in one place using an intuitive dashboard on the basis of easy-to-read charts and calculations. This way, you get a holistic picture of your IT environment, both what is going well and where it is falling short in terms of capacity or performance. 

Live Optics

Live Optics: not just for Dell Technologies portfolio

Live Optics is not linked to a single manufacturer and collects all information irrespective of the hardware, operating system or platform, making it a useful tool for multi-vendor and cloud environments. It also allows you to compare pricing for public cloud solutions (Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon).

Security & privacy

Scanning your environment with Live Optics is fully secure and GDPR compliant so you can have complete peace of mind.   Live Optics has data privacy functions embedded within it that provide for the necessary guarantees to fulfill the requirements of the GDPR.

Live Optics in a nutshell

  • Make IT decisions with confidence
  • Measure the core metrics of your environment
  • Understand the impact on your business

Want to get started with Live Optics?

If so, complete the form below. We will send you the information you need to make use of Live Optics. Ideally, you should run the service for a whole week so your backups are also part of the mapping process.

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